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Books are still my best friends!

I love reading different kinds of books in English mostly! If they are prohibited or banned, then my curiousity to read them increases! The passion that I put in the reading, is almost equally spent in talking, arguing, and discussing about them.

Here is every teacher’s nightmare quote!

“Tell Me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn!” ~ Benjamin Franklin

But then….I look at it this way!

For me when you give a child a book which is a simple door that leads to many more then, the quote will sound something like this:

Tell me a tale and I can’t forget, teach me a moral and I may memorize, involve me in the story and I am a fan!   ~ Vidya Suri

So goes the life of a Bibliomania who aims to be an Omnilegent!

My Tryst with Books

Well, my tryst with books began with comics and mythological stories from “Amar Chitra Katha.” I had already found books talking to me in my third grade with Charles and Mary Lamb’s “Tales of Shakespeare.”

My first historical novel was Sir Walter Scott’s “Ivanhoe,” during my 8th grade. And the first Indian Historical novel was Kalki’s “Ponniyin Selvan,” in English translation in 2000.

I had begun writing my journals in teens. The writing was cribbing or burst of poem. Then later, I started to pen down my thoughts, views, and opinion, of course the fun had begun then for me.

Word’s World of Expanding Imagination

A simple statement can expand the imagination and activate all my senses as a reader. Words have a longstanding mystery that I discovered in slow process.

Life with a book was sometimes like a slow-motion capture of sparkle that twinkled down into my arms.

There is much that I like about books and the fact that they give me the required space to dream a reality that defies all logical rules. That is the extra scoop of ice-cream in my cup.

You might say that the cup doeth overflow! 😊

Book is like a good and a familiar friend, that a sensitized stranger who had taken those precious time to record it for all of us to read.

Within the pages of the book, you will find innumerable lives, that at times seem so familiar and welcoming.

The point that one could be surprised by the people who walk-in’ and take our awake spaces with their incredible style and splendor.

World Literature Ahoy! No One Is Left Out!

I have this great fascination for World Literature. Somewhere down the lane I want to be able to read books from the various parts of the world and talk about it.

Here is an attempt with complete conviction that I am pursuing my passion for books.

Get comfortable and enjoy the experience of being in my thought space.

I confess, Moi?! I Am a Work-In-Progress Person!

I believe that I am still a work-in-progress person. Some of my views which jar or disturb others, I would like to apologize for your discomfort within my thought space. All I can say is that I am still working on myself. I am more tolerant when I age!

No one can be likeable universally! It is a fact. But the aim is not to please all, it is to keep the conversation rolling, despite disagreements.

Content Is Not the King, But an Emperor of Human Imagination

When I was doing my Master’s in fine arts from CCA, I was looking out for courses that would include World Literature.

If I were to create a semester for myself, then I would have explored far more global communities.

How would a person ravaged by war feel and think? Maybe they were rejoicing the day when there was ‘silence from all the shelling.’

I wanted South America, Middle East, South East Asia, North East Asia, European, the works, all belonging to different gamut. Current issues, present predicaments, banned and scary books that change mindset. I wanted them all! Grinning greedily!

The World Literature Mapped out in my mind provides such strange vision within me.

I always believe that when one reads a written work, the author takes over the reading mind completely.

I live, to inhale-to exhale, and to exist only for those words that created the magic for me.

I am trapped, captured, and willing audience who will not defy the author, because I can’t read them, if I disagreed with the author.

So, I found that I, me, and myself get subjugated willingly by the writer’s words.

Future and My Aspiration for the World

I wish there were a place where one can learn World Literature from the native speakers on a firsthand basis. Language which is a fascinating subject for me helps me to remain always curious.

Yet, say what if, language was a conversation that humans have quietly forgotten to remember.

Ah! This reminds me…the Tower of Babel story and when language became scrambled like your morning eggs! Yikes!

Wouldn’t you say that the “joy of the dish lies in the tasting!” 😊

Scrambled or unscrambled, the world languages should start a Renshi on world peace.

I believe all languages are often connected branches that flourish from the main tree of peaceful communication.

I have often found that I learn the most when I’m just curiously wishing to explore literature with no set curriculum or a testing in mind.

Here is an interesting thing that it brings up. So, does that mean testing and grading is not important? How to know if you really understood?

Ah! I do not have an answer for that! But when a person is happy learning something, it is easier to retain, to recollect, and to reproduce (not an exact replication though!).

It is like having a huge library that opens a chance to truly live another person’s life for a short duration and be convinced as a true story.

Yours Tangentially

Occasionally, I tend to take a tangent route to talk about random stuff that makes me welcome new thoughts and new understanding.

You are entering into my mind space in this website and I do hope your journey within this space is memorably peaceful and thoughtful.

Happy Reading! 😊

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