Prince of Persia – A Wow Movie!

This English movie is exceptional though not so colourful as Indian movies. So when I saw the Prince of Persia dubbed Tamil version, I still felt the same magic.

The time and place holder is needed for this movie. Around 1 pm on one free Saturday, I believe the movie began in a channel that my father was randomly watching before IPL games.  I was not even aware of it…since I was busy rangoling the prayer space.

But one word from the announcer stopped me midway through my task. ‘A long time ago’ …that is more than enough to stop me from almost anything. I love stories and if they are real-life stories told by people who can tell a story well I am caught, stumped and clean bowled.

I love fantasy and anyone can murder me in the interim that I am listening to one. Surely, I will not put up a fight. Story makes me come alive and my imagination can play riot…that was one of the reason that I took Literature against all opposition.

As novel upon novel piles upon my reading desk as I explore the imagined world. This world I believed in while I was reading the book is true for me until I finish the book. But there are rare moments when the magic of the book remains way after the reading session came to an end.

I remember seeing this movie in US on a Friday evening on Netflix. God was I a happy soul? For the next few hours…Yes I was and now in dubbing I was again totally taken in. The story was the main hero of the movie. It is a commotion of movements and the camera is never still. It was a wonderful spell-binding movement of special effect and gymnastics filled action.

A mysteriously magical knife that reverts time, a princess trying to save the world from total annihilation, a hero who is street smart, a villain who excelled in villainy, the right mix for a story and add dash of some fantastical elements, you have a winner for my pleasure.

I have been opened to all forms of stories but almost since 2001 internship at Chandamama I have been taken in by folktales, fairy tales…but no I am wrong…even to this day I know the physical feeling in my stomach when it was Saturday evenings around 4-5 pm when Doordarshan would telecast Grimms fairy tales by Faerie Tales theatre company with some basic baby step in special effects.

I also remember the Frog Prince in which Robin William played the role of the frog…it was supercool. I love stories where things happen magically and there is a villain who is cardboard villain. To this day, I still don’t know why I am interested in tall tales. I remember an aunt who would tell me story so she could feed me quickly…the summer round of moonlight food with all the cousins. I believe we are all taken in by stories.

When I read Silas Marner by George Eilot, for nearly one fourth of the book it was very slow moving and I was struggling to get into the inner rhythm of the story but once the skeleton was discovered I was all perked up and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. So who was that person who has left behind a trace?

I started filling in for the novel as I was reading. Mystery is a sure-fire way to get me wondering and solving the issue in a story. Maybe a part of me is still old-fashioned and not ready for more advanced present day story. I used to read book on violence and secret army officers who are sent on mission that are high priority and high risk ones.

For me, I love to read about mysteries, action in moderation, romance in loads and suspense in galore.

Poster Credit : Wikipedia