Pratham Books Champions Program 2017

I was searching for storybooks when I came across Pratham Books, a not-for-profit organization. Affordable books from Pratham Books are great material for teaching English for junior grades.

I love spending time with Children, especially, if there is a story folded into the interaction. This time I took up the Pratham Books Champions 2017 and enjoyed sharing stories and discussion with my wards.

My apartment children enjoy hanging out with me, as much as I enjoy spending time with them. Both my wards knew about my interest in stories and I tried to spice it up by telling them to wait for a funny story.

The day when the mailman brought the book and banner, my wards were hanging out with me at my living room having general conversation. I got to open the mail because it was in my name and the cat was out of the bag.

All the start dates were all forgotten when we all sat down to read the story of Kottavi Raja and his Sleepy Kingdom written by Yasaswini Sampathkumar and illustrated by Henu. We didn’t stop at merely this story but read rest of my collection of Pratham Books that I use as teaching material. Well, sometimes the best way to get stories to children is not bound by time or space.

But the interesting part was the conversation that followed on completing the story. I always believed in having conversation with children, where they are the adult and equal to express their views. Yeah of course, conversation can be riddled with the Child’s quirky perspectives too.

In that way, books from Pratham allows a teacher to creatively use their material in the class for maximum impact and knowledge transfer. But sometimes, I am surprised about the learning the teacher gains in sharing stories. I think stories told for Children are a two-way channel. The experience of sharing a gaff together is in a way a great space to explore.

Of course, they busted my well planned structured reading by their extempore let jump in and read the book now attitude. I am the least bit worried that my plans became tomato ketchup in front my wards’ exuberance. The point was about sharing one story one day.

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