MoW Series| My 1000 Full Moon of Friendship with Books

I don’t remember the first instance when I was fascinated by the book placed in my little hands as a child. But somehow when I look back over my life, all that I can remember are books. These were the various books that I read during my different age levels and grew with it. But the soft gentleness of books has always been with me as I grew into an adult woman as I progressed to adult books. But the child in me still loves Children’s book with equal fervor.

Books Are My Besties with Multiple Viewpoints

Given my multiple levels of insecurities, books naturally became my companion. I am a very shy person and it is hard to achieve a viable relationship with people who don’t understand me. With some people, I tend to open my true shy self without fear, but with others, it is harder to achieve it. But give me any book we would become best friends in no time. The only time I sound adult is when I discuss thoughts and ideologies.

Books have multiple viewpoints and having 360 degrees view on life is important for me. I always believe in being fair. I never liked imbalance in life, I always believed in aiming for fairness wherever it was possible. In some places, it is just impossible, and there, I just accept the rule of the current level and just move forward with my life. Some changes in society take time and we should gracefully accept it.

Family of Characters and Their Perspectives

For me, characters in a book are like family members and I learn from them as I read. The characters in a book are predictable and will not surprise me. Yeah all of us like pleasant surprises but then what of those ugly ones? I would rather be among the predictable is a refrain which requires my revisiting it with gentleness. Sadly, that limits my knowledge of the world and its real people.

I am reading an interesting book about which I will write a book review but before that impersonal review, I wanted to talk about the joy that comes from reading each email of this book. The novel is written in email format and with so much of her honesty in it.

Misconceived Thoughts and the Need for Change

There are a lot of misconceived thoughts about people with the mental health issues. When these uncomfortable words are used, then it is completely wrong to assume images such as people behind locked rooms, chained and unkempt. But that is not the reality of people with the mental health issues. They might not be normal persons but their struggle to be recognized as human cannot be refuted for anything. I remember how my family values meant being inclusive all my life. I have been friends with people who overcame personal, physical and psychological challenges.

A No Nonsense Book

So, when I am reading Reshma Valliappan’s book ‘fallen, standing: my life as a schizophrenist,’ there are multiple thoughts that are going in my head. Those honest expressive emails speak for a person grappling with her life and her challenges. The way she handled the situations in her life and how she had self-created the person that she is today all depended on her own inner strength, caring strangers and her family’s support.

A Bane or A Curse

The point is when the medical fraternity gives a disease label, please believe me, it is not for the person. I am diabetic is not to be a curse, but just an ailment that requires people to employ better food and exercise standards in one’s life. But the liberty with which people would say I am diabetic doesn’t happen for the mental health condition. All the hushed and guilt from the sense of shame on family honor and all yada yada are just a given.

Val’s Vulnerable Self at Her Best

In this book, she places her most vulnerable self at my doorstep and I opened that door and welcomed her work with my whole heart and spirit to understand her side. There were moments when tears trickled down my cheek at the unfairness of understanding and the lack of it.

When people put their thoughts in words, they tend to be very structured and plain. Every writer thinks differently, and their uniqueness comes out in their written works. As an aspirant writer, I also try to find myself by writing.

Writing Sometimes Is a Go to Solution

Sometimes the best way to clear your head is to spend a few minutes gently writing down the fleeting thoughts in a plain paper or a plain page of a word processing application. It is almost a communion with the creative space within you.

Shaken, Broken Yet Standing Her Grounds

So, writers dare to use themselves as a canvas for their work and Val does just that with her work. I am gathering so many points of wonderful thoughts that are so like her peaceful person. Books are like an evening cup of tea with the writer in cozy comforts of our living room. A gentle discussion over a steaming cup of tea and nibbles under the shades of a neem tree as the birds’ quiet down for the evening.

Coming Soon!

Look out for this book’s review on Bookworm’s Corner as it slowly progresses through the author’s life, since I am a slow reader of highly valued books. This is one of them for sure.