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Let us do some word choosing and alternative of a single word, what say?! One of my good friends brought this thought into my thinking space and I am thankful for that.

When I picked the tagline for my blog site, I played with Bookworm and I wanted a word that started with ‘B.’ After some searching around, I liked befriending a lot and zeroed in on the specific word and there arose Befriend a Book Today!

I have been thinking that Befriend was something to do with making friends with. But actually, it is to patronize and support. Somehow, even though it was not my intent to sound over smart and say that I had this specific outcome in my mind.

The fact that words have taken on residence in the mind that I woke to this word when my friend asked me quietly, so “How should one become a befriender?” Natural question picking up the tagline of my blog site. So here, I was thinking aloud about what the answer could possibly be.

I hit the online Thesaurus before anyone could say ‘Abracadabra’ and found the relevant other options and what became an excellent way to check out the various options of multiple meanings.

Here’s what I found

Befriend Friend
Make social Acquaintance: Support Advise , Patronize, Take up With Companionship , accord , affection, agreement, closeness, devotion, goodwill, harmony, intimacy, love, pact, rapport , society, solidarity , understanding
aid, assist, back, benefit, encourage, favour, help, sustain, uphold, welcome, buddy up, case out, come on to, cotton to, get chummy with, get in with, hit it off, side with, stand by, take under the wing Inference | There is a distinct understanding that the befriend is more of support providing and seems to indicate an unequal relationship. A rich person with a poor talented artist kind of attachment. While Friendship is all about companionship and the level of intimacy is higher than that of befriend.    

I was really fascinated by the whole thing. Really, sometimes I am surprised by my subconscious mind that the level of depth it covers is mind boggling. Do we really agree with all that the writer writes? Or, do we just enjoy the illusion created in the story?

Some of the Creative Non-Fiction pieces are really a matter of the thought process of the writer and our compliances to accept it. There are people with whom you would not mind spending time forever in conversation. But of course, we do have to deal with a few difficult ones but then, try spending cerebral space with any writer, I think you like the facts of their thought process.

If I am connecting with a person through a book, then I am a much more open person. Otherwise, my life’s goal is to be an open-minded person and to accept all human race for its diversities.

There is a lot that I learn from reading a book. Each book is a world of people and accepting a villain on his villainy is part of being fair to the storyteller. Everything around me and in my life is a story. The way it is said makes the difference between understanding and non-understanding.

So the tagline Befriend a Book Today! It is my unconscious need. A book brings to you the world of its own and our acceptance of it makes it a populace choice or a private choice.

I don’t want to harp on the fact that life’s many decisions were based on fairness to all, yet the choices made have resulted in the perspective towards life. You might think how something that is very specific is generalized and represented as applicable for the entire World of Published books. But the beauty of supporting those moments of storytelling is verily the essence of humanity at its creative best.

(To be continued…) | Are You Good At Befriending?

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