The Excellence of Any Artwork Lies in Its Intensity | A Takeaway

John Keats is my favorite poet from the British literary circle. I see each country as Literary Circles with diverse experiences. In my mind, the varied experiences only to prove how we are so alike, despite our differences.

In these circles, the writers’ thoughts and emotions take me towards their life’s experiences and reactions. Somehow, I feel that humanity is connected through literature! What works for one human being work for another too emotionally.

I am an old school person when it comes to literature. But I dare to experiment and read books that are by contemporary people who are willing to check out present-day emotions very boldly. In that way, I have a very open mind towards books. So profound to trash all covered.

I have got two books that are based on letters written by writers to their confidante. I love letter writing and I wished to have pen-pals from all over the country. I almost abuse the email services with my pen-pal writing mode functioning.

None of my emails have been less than 500 words when written to friends and family. Of course, they tell me off for overcrowding the Info-Highway Lanes! Jokes apart, I really love to write actual letters to people, but I don’t have the patience to wait for it to reach the person through snail mail for whomever it is written.

The email that way is instant connect and it all depends on how we want to connect. There is much that is happening within the framework of words. I love reading writer’s autobiography or anything on the art of writing and how they handled the issue of writer’s block, a tough character can take over only to topple the entire story or just the plain pain of writing that sometimes makes the act of writing so painful.

I dare not write any original story for fear that my story will be such trash. I enjoy listening to stories. I don’t like to overhear but rather enjoy listening to stories from actual storytellers. Anyone can be a storyteller of their life and experiences.

When I meet a new person there are so many new stories to explore. My life, all by itself is a story of its own. The story of my life according to me would become an angle by itself. I truly enjoy talking to people and everybody is an opportunity to interview and mine for their rich experience.

Life fascinates me and I am always curious to know how someone felt while going through various experiences. I am childlike sometimes that I might confuse the person before me with my curiosity and glees to listen to stories.

When writers tell their stories, it is such an intense moment and when poets say their stories it is far more gripping. I read the autobiography of Sylvia Plath and the collection of letters by Emily Dickinson and a few other poets. To date, Sylvia Plath’s autobiography was the most moving. It is not to take a side against Ted Hughes but just that each life is grappling with it owns difficulties of finding its identity in the confusing maze of societal pressures.

The choice to accept or to reject the pressure is entirely in the coping mechanism of the individual. Yet for me, the whole experience of writing down is a major coping mechanism. To write is to think it clearly through, but there are times when it becomes a verbal confusion profoundly confounded.

Yet to connect with writers’ thought space and their glitch in their profession, how to overcome that is such a fascinating topic for me. Sometimes the best way to understand self to explore with words the inner dimensions of the mind.

My current read is John Keats’ letters and poems. Among the American poet, I am totally in agreement with Edgar Allen Poe and his poetic techniques. The end comes first and then you backtrack to the beginning. I have experienced that many times. I would have the very last line of the poem first and then I must bring to the foray the past of the poem.

I am ambling with the text so that I could derive pleasure in available short snippets of timeslots for reading the book. There is much to learn, and the learning never stops. These are almost like personal newsletters on the craft and how the craft, in turn, affects the craftmanship.

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