John Keats | A Fascinating Poet and A Specialist Dreamer

I always search for the new poets and their poetic rules from the wide range of literature left open to me. I believe it is important to focus on the inner explorative expressions. I find Keats to be the best of the Romantic Poets on that aspect. Romantic Era poets of the British Literature are so close to nature and the spirit of naturalness. I am fascinated by nature and to spend long hours in front of a green environment to get inspired by it. It gives me endless pleasure to observe and to get inspired.

I don’t profess to be a great grammarian, but I love to spin tall tales from small incidents. So, in that when I read poems by poets such as Samuel T Coleridge, William Wordsworth, and other Romantic poets, I feel myself come alive. What the long prose achieves after endless arguments and suppositions to inference, a poem achieves in a few lines of an active incident.

Even today, ‘the lady with a dulcimer’ is so vivid that I can’t remember as easily all those beautiful arguments of Ralph Waldo Emerson in his essay on Self-Reliance. The memorable piece of writing of S T Coleridge can be paralleled only by the strict structure exposed by Edgar Allen Poe on the mechanics of writing a poem. I always feel fascinated when I read about the writers’ life and how they talk about their crafts and craftsmanship.

Somehow there is an intense connect with poems since they reach my sensitivity very quickly. I want to become a reader who has read poetry from all over the world. For instance, Middle Eastern poems are almost ephemeral and riddled with the innumerable discovery of self at various levels of understanding.

I am still trying to find time to read about Franz Kafka’s “Die Verwandlung” (“The Metamorphosis”). It is first in my huge list of yet to be read books. For me the process of writer’s craftsmanship is more important if I get to like their specific style.

There is not just one way of telling a story there are multiple ways. But when it comes to me, I love the story structure of the Arabian Nights which has always been a unique experience.

Up the stakes and the interest points of the Stakeholders and watch the magic of words that instill the important aspect of storytelling. I don’t know I am fascinated by poetry from all over the world. Those poems which speak about various experiences and spirituality stems from the intrinsic sense of the spirit.

I learned early on that fewer words can create greater magic than long rimes of it. Yet I feel limited in having just a few languages in my understanding sphere. My one fascination is to understand how the Indian socio-political environment of the past influenced the works of that time.

Most of the stories that form the part of the Ancient Indian Literature stems from all the extempore storytelling sessions at home the moment’s caretaker who used it for the sole purpose of feeding the children.

There are multiple stories lurking in the corners of the human minds which just needs encouragement to be revealed to all. Good stories take time and lots of effort in creating and quite hard to share, since editing the piece is a non-ending process.