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Today is the first day of my Self-assigned challenge. I have been in a dilemma about the topic to write for my first entry. So, after much thought, I felt maybe a ‘Life’s Like That’ series would seem very appealing but boringly like previous entries.

More than my dream of books, I wish to recreate a scenario of the world of Literature from the origin of language. I feel that when language was first discovered one monosyllabic combination to another. These sounds then became polysyllables, then transformed into full sentences then there existed a system of language that is coded and decoded with ease. It would have been an excellent way to explore the world of language.

Exploring with Vocal Cords

I imagine life back in time when writing implements are yet to be discovered. The vocal cord is the best implement to experiment and there grew the language and its musicality. As the language began making and breaking rules as it adjusted to the new ways of communicating and recording orally human thoughts. There is such joy in the thoughts being shared amongst others.

Every language has a uniqueness to it that would be the specific way an alphabet is sounded, and that uniqueness became a mark of that language when it got a physical form and text shape. Naturally, there is much happening after the sounds were given shapes and recognized as a specific word in the world of language.

Magical Journey of Books and Language

The magical journey of books fascinates me. I gather much joy from reading up its history. In those moments, I imagine that I am on the ship of imagination traveling to realms of wonder. The fascinating point is in the growth of language one sees self-progress.

The record of events and life’s moments are available even now. These give us the stories of the past, the present, and the future, thus creating a continuum. An understanding comes from how culture works its magic in our daily life.

Recording Heard of What Is Seen

We record what we observe in our life that aspect of the printed words has not changed from the first book published. ‘Vedas’ is a collection of verses covering various topics connecting the community. These verses are rote learned and recited for a specific outcome. Culturally the texts are powerful and moving.

Life is excitement captured in an ongoing process. Stories surround our lives and leave us behind with spark marks on our memory that fire up our inspiration. A studied person is a person who has exposure to literature. Exposure provides the person, not just the knowledge base; but also provides them with an understanding of humanity.

Language and Linguistic Make Communication Easy

There are many moments in the history of language when some sounds have lost its usage and became archaic and outdated from daily use. The world is coming together with few languages taking prominence in being available to the world at large. Thus, providing us with a common language that can be understood by all.

It is often jocularly said that a person’s brain with knowledge of five or more languages, then the person has multiple brainwaves and is mentally agile compared to a person with just one language skill. The medical world still feels that the mind can make rapid connections when the individuals’ language skills are strong.

More Language Skills then More Power to You

India is so diverse and yet so similar that given the multiple languages which are even now a living language has given us the sorted emotional knowledge in spirituality and other areas. This might sound like chest-beating, but then, the beauty of the entire nation lies in her diversity and commonality.

But the interesting part of the numerous languages is the fact that somewhere there is a connection in the emotional reaction to common elements. It doesn’t make a difference that the people from the four directions of India don’t speak the same language yet know the intrinsic emotions to the Tee.

A Natural Desire to Know More Languages

The deep-seated desire for me is to know at least five languages before I hit adage. So, my dream of printed books is to be able to understand a language when it is seen in a book. That way my knowledge of Hindi, some Sanskrit (currently working on reading, writing and speaking), Korean, light Mandarin, few drops of Spanish, French along with my mother-tongue Tamil and second language English, seems not complete but never fails to motivate me.

I find language fascinating and the best way to learn about cultures will be to view their soap operas shows. Sometimes those things that seem to be so ridiculous is a belief system that has stood up to the changing times.The fact that language gives you the tool to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions with a set pattern of sounds that can be recorded, printed and shared in a flash and yet there is much miscommunication in it. It is not enough that the communication happens, but it is important that it completes the circle of being understood by the listener.     

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