DTT Series | What Is the Give of Reading, Writing and Learning Sanskrit?

From the time, I first recorded my four lines of the poem on “Seasons” I have loved to write. But it was at rare moments when I have a story to tell. But then I used to be sensitive to capture my life views with the unique prism that I use to see Life itself.

“I, The Experiencer” Vs. “I, The Recorder”

There was such joy in my life recording of the small packet-size surprises that it was a natural course to share the more secular topics which didn’t get too personal. There are moments when ‘I, the experiencer’ and ‘I, the recorder’ get into a tiff over who is more important in the writing.

Some experiences cannot be recorded as it is. So, it may require some thinking it through before being put to digital publishing. The best way to bring a compromise is by deciding if the record of an event is going to harm any relationship then, it is naturally edited in the mind without prior notice.

Takeaways From Life’s Lessons

I don’t regret any of my experiences since the aim is to watch it like a screenplay and keep the takeaways alone. The challenges in life have been many, yet I found a book that would help me always in these situations. They would give me some insight to navigate around the issues of life to make an improvement.

When I realized that the insight was a touch too difficult or incomprehensible then I knew ‘I, the life’s student’ is still ‘I, the yet learner.’ There are a few things that one learns with ease and few lessons are tough that it requires multiple sessions to get to understand just a small bit size of information.

An Anecdote from My Life

Let me explain this with a small anecdote from my life. The year 2015 was remarkable for me in many ways as was 2019. In both these years, there were life changes that I needed to contend with great fortitude. In order to make my moments at home more fun, I decided to sit for the Samskritha Bharati Pravesha exam. I mail-ordered the books and honestly tried to learn by myself.

Language can be a very strict person if you don’t follow the disciplined approach to learning. By the time February of 2016 came and went I chickened out of the exam. Because I absolutely had no clue of the alphabets even.

Somehow the desire for learning the language that is part of my inner human instinct to gain knowledge, but the opportunity kept eluding me. I will not say that I want to read the Slokas because my central focus was Kavi Kalidas’ works. “Ritusamhara” and “Meghadutam” was my bait for which I fell for hook, line, and sinker.

Vedic Literature and Its Impact on My Mind

I got an opportunity to get acquainted with a few Vedic Literature and I was a goner after that. The seven years itch to learn Samskritham was back in full swing. By a surprise chance a person who wanted one of my father’s trust published-book titled “Yogasudakara” on the topic of Patanjali’s Yogasutras. I got the book photocopied and ready for the person, since the book is out-of-print now.

On that Sunday, the person came to collect the book from me and our conversation was angled on the text. Since I didn’t know much about the topic, I choose to listen for a change. That gentleman advised me to take up Madras Sanskrit College’s part-time direct classes which go for a year. I was inspired and decided to find out about the course.

Samskritham Certificate Course and Instant Decision

The day I arrived at the MSC office it was accepting an application for the Certificate course and I had to decide in a week’s time. I never liked being forced to make a hurried decision. But there are times when I would decide in a flash. In that few hours that I was seated in the office waiting for staff to return from his tea break. I was ready to take the plunge.

Learning Factors and Motivations

My family background is rooted in Ancient Vedic Practices. Some of my second cousins are even today, Vedic Pundits whose profession is to perform Vedic rites and rituals. My grandfather opted out of the profession and choose to do clerical work in the city. My paternal grandfather was in charge of the Triplicane Urban Cooperative Society (TUCS)’s Ration shop which was started in the year 1904.

My Maternal Grandfather was the account’s supervisor and that is how both my parents’ parents met and discovered that the connection goes back to their Agraharam days. Somehow, there is a strong inner calling to get to my roots has always been within me since I began meditating at the age of 14 years. Back then, I didn’t know that I was meditating because I didn’t know. I liked being in the company of the Moon on the terrace.   

A Zealot of Language and Learning

Yes, I am an overzealous person to learn more about Vedic Literature. There are so many thoughts in this literature that truly opens the eyes of the individual. My Samskritham Professor tells us often that the purpose of the learning Sanskrit is to learn the Shastras which is the Ph.D. level of Sanskrit learning. The journey ahead is long, and as Robert Frost puts it “and miles to go before I sleep.”

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