DTT Series | The Month of Seasons’ Greetings!

The month of December is a huge wreath made of season’s greetings for me. The cards used to arrive at the family house carrying with it the season’s greeting on them. The moment Autumn begins I am thinking of the darker section of the year and it is filled with festivity that inculcates spiritual practices.

Tall Tales Around the Bonfires

Here is a tall tale that I make up for myself. Back when people were near the pole and even today, they have sunlight for six months and a short duration of sunlight for the next six months. So, I would imagine, the people in those regions to be engaged in hunting when there is sunlight and narrating their hunts when there are longer darker months.

The art of storytelling started after the first person bored at having to stare at the bonfire set up in the center for the entire community. There began the first narration to keep the listener entertained. A storyteller who can build fear and alongside a sense of pride in the listener can navigate the narration for the exact effect.

More Festivals Post Summer Solstice

The Hindu festivity calendar has a lot more festivals during the Autumn and Winter Solstices than in the Lighter Spring and Summer Solstices. One of Vishnu’s favorite months is Marghazi that falls between Mid-December to Mid-January. This month is extolled for all forms of spiritual practice.

It almost seems like as the cold increases the fervor pitch of the devotion increases too. Activities such as Musical rendition, playing instruments, mixing artistic medium takes on a new form of communal expression. The bonfire may have been replaced with electrical light settings, but the spirit of being together when the hunting instinct is subdued seems to indicate an interesting twist in my mind’s eyes.

Similar Heroes and Villains of Bonfire Days

The desire to communicate and to explore the expression to its finest quality happens when the darkness gives rise to dark and light of human characteristics which they expand to superhuman capabilities where these heroes almost are of exemplary qualities in them. The art of storytelling started from these circles of the bonfire and even today the eldest always takes up the onus to narrate a tale of valor or a tale of horror.

Fear and aspiration are in a way trying to vie for a place of importance for each other. The human mind is structured to aspire and to fear. This dual emotion turns up at every moment when the show of valor and heroism are on display. The stories that are successful have a set pattern which means that these stories are well-received amongst the audience. If well-received, then it is the best among the narrated stories is ensured.

The Bermuda Triangle of Storytelling

The stories have a Bermuda Triangle zone to them too. Some of these bonfire stories have become so true that no one thinks of it as stories but history at its best. When authors are many reworking the plot and the progress to bring to the fore the next version of the compelling stories.

There are multiple patterns of storytelling and the best way to explore them is to check out each pattern of narration. This recalls some of the oral tales passed on down various generation which speaks for the joy the sharing brings to the forefront.

December of 2019 and Its Wonder

This December is something unique and interesting to observe and to progress through. As a listener of stories, I am fascinated to hear the innumerable stories that are waiting in the open-air theatre to be enacted. The cold of the season taking over the fascination of the fire spirits of storytelling. Dancing in the flames while the warms seeking bodies are together, the stories build fear and valor together with equal fervor.

I live in the city which has some of the most erratic climate change effects that can be seen in the four solstices. From the month of August to March, I find it difficult to handle the cold around me. I am seeking always the comfort of a warm shawl and an old story from the past. Both with some warm tea keeps the inner calm a reinstated reality for me.

Inference of All Tall Tales Are Always Falsehood

The aim of this month’s challenge is to speak of huge improbable stories. The grandness of the stories is to remain as well said untruth with the aim to explore the unusual narration styles. I have yet to figure it out for myself. Maybe, I will discover as the challenge progresses.   

Image Source: Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels