DTT Series | The Two New Years and My Foursome Resolutions

With the arrival of the month of December, a faint echo of the New Year resolution is heard like toll bell. Naturally, it is for me the bell tolls! Then, I hear a fainter echo of the Tamil New Year resolution. The comforts of following the two calendars result in two new years and the creation of resolution for each. Of course, my resolution trail vanishes almost on the second day of the new year.

Year Ending Pangs of Guilt

I have a list of resolutions that I am struggling to incorporate in my life, but then, I have been unsuccessful. The resolution to stay healthy and make healthy eating choices were broken innumerable times. Yet, the recurring resolution appears like a pang of guilt at the end of the year.

December is not only cold outside but cold inside too. The mirror of reality stands in front of you showing the obese figure with creaking joints rattling off rote learned medicine list. A visit to the doctor with your lab work leaves the befuddled doctors to repeat their advice “Please include exercising to your routine.” Of course, you spiritedly agree to exercise regularly and forget it the instant you step out of your doctor’s office.

Skeptical About New Year Resolutions

So, I am skeptical about taking a resolution in some areas of my life. Since it requires fortitude and iron will to take it across to its outcome. I love sedate activities as opposed to enervating exercises. But I have experienced the light-spirited feeling that comes from taking a walk around my area if I learn to wake up without snoozing the alarm during the winters.

I am a summer person and the peak of the summer heat is the best clime for me. I tend to shy away from the colder seasons in India. Compared to other colder regions of India my city is very forgiving and gentler on my physical being. Between Chennai and Singapore, I loved Singapore clime best except for the rain almost everyday sequence.

True Home of a Recalcitrant Being

But the heart of my being lives and thrives in Chennai for many reasons. The city sings to my spirits and the connection goes back to innumerable life events. But I don’t belong anywhere on this earth. The spirit is unbound and beyond the grasp of just the physical. Physically I might have difficulties with the colder places, but when I connect spiritually, I hear the ancients call of the land.

On a higher level, I am connected to the various places that I have visited through the age-old sound of the Earth’s birthdays. If you listen deeply, the songs of the lore will bring back the nascent Earth’s fragrances. That kind of connectivity can be felt only when the being sings the chorus to the joyful spirit of the place.

Earth’s Shamanic Magic and the Spirit of the Land

The Shamanic feeling that picks the being to such great inner connection that I don’t see the difference between Singapore, Chennai, California, cruising by Prince Rupert or any religious place. All places are one and the same with some uniqueness in its air and the way the spirit of the specific place functions. To be able to hear that songs of lore leave me thinking if I have lost it. But I hear the songs of the ancient past always wherever I go.

A Tireless Couch Traveler

I am a bemused voyager of the couch-seated variety. I have spent a lot of time just watching the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. I enjoyed the various places while the camera crew and the reporting team did the hard work. I live in my head mostly, in the presence of literature in whichever formats such as books, radio reports, television show as adaptation, or vibrant street theatre.

It is important that the inner mind is always challenged with new points of view. Sometimes, when the inner space gets cranky and unyielding then I have difficulties navigating within my spirit. Because a restless mind is a tough challenge to handle.

Challenges of Overcoming Laziness

My laziness to take on physical activities and often choosing to take on mind-based activities results in an imbalanced health routine. So, I shy away from each December month yet the spirit to do better the next time persists. I have not given up on me. I know that if I crack the laziness factor in my character then I will be able to do better in my health condition. It is not over until this fat lady sings her dirge!

One Haircut on Its Way

It is never over until you say it is over for anything in life. The factor is how long are you willing to hang around the barber’s shop for a haircut because it will eventually happen as shared by Denzel Washington in his speech to motivate the passing out graduates. I also feel that if you hang around a specific space for a long time you might eventually get to be the next one in the line.  

Image Source: Anastasiya Gepp, Russia in Pexels.com