DTT Series | Celebrating the Shortest Day of 2019

Winter solstice 2019 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 9:49 am on Sunday, 22 December (All Indian Standard Time)

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When the days infilter into months and then eventually to a year is rarely realized until the shortest day is upon us. This time the shortest day falls on the 22nd of December 2019 and a Sunday at that. There is much happiness in the days gone by and for the day that we are looking forward to. But then the present is the most precious moment of our life.

Inventory of December

December is usually an inventory month for me. When I was younger, I would set goals and keep mourning that I didn’t meet half of it. But these days, I take an impulsive decision and figure my life out at the end of the year. Knowing what I did with the time at hand is a sport by itself.

My belief is that I am here in this moment for a special reason is soon vanishing to be replaced by merely being in the moment. Here and now, what is the most spectacular revelation that is happening for me?

So, the stock-taking of the year in December helps me recognize where I can improve. This way there is no disappointment of not having reached the goal. But then to feel confident in the pursuits of happiness is being guided by the Divine.

A Step, And All Is Sky and God

As Sri Aurobindo says, “A step, and all is sky and God!” There is this intense need to justify my existence with all the socially right labels of achievements. In the process, I forget the presence of the spirit which slowly escapes from my grasp. I have lived in a stupor for the year long. When the year is just less than a daymark on Brahman’s calendar years.

Yesterday, I was trying to gather pointers for today’s entry when I chanced upon Brain Pickings of Maria Popova whose email I subscribe to. She is my inspiration and aspiration. She writes about various books and topics that are interconnected and loads of hard work to bring a newsletter that truly inspires you.

What Is Good Newsletter Made Of?

An interesting question, to hold on to the interest of the reader and to inspire their day with the spark of enthusiasm takes a lot of fortitude and courage. My blog entries are newsletters of a sort for me. I am blogging with the intent to not use any social media for the post except for LinkedIn.

I am deliberately doing the hard way of minimal to no social media push. I post the URL to my latest blog on LinkedIn and a very small Google Group. To build on the site authority purely based on the content is a tough nut to crack open.

Discovering the Self as I Blog

The exercise of writing helps to clear the mind and bring out one thought that justifies such verbose expression. The main aim of blogging was to explore the inner realms of the mind. Of course, on certain days like today, there is simple process clarity. Word on words gathers like the seashells gently deposited on the shores.  

Among the shells, a rare trinket is found and the spirit calms down as if it found a golden nugget. It is quite interesting to note that the discovery happened at the price of persistent perseverance. It is not enough that you take up the challenge of writing to discover the inner you, but also remember to observe the little signals of the improving self.

Transformation with Each Piece

I must say I have a lot of insecurities with my writing. I can never accept that I can write in a fashion of modern trends. I am often a passé writer in English. A few months earlier I had discovered an application that could dissect my para and lines to comment on my writing capability.

I was taken in and in a slow process, I began writing for the application instead of for my own joy. Yesterday, I had a rude awakening. I spend two hours tweaking a single statement that I got really frustrated and when I forced myself to take a break.

Returned to A New Revelation

When after a day, I looked at the piece that I had written I was totally flabbergasted by the horror which is obvious. The sentence didn’t make any sense at all. It was a meaningless empty one while the ‘No Issues Found’ text keeps flashing on my right sidebar indicating all is fine. But sadly, it is not.  

Today, I decided that I am not going to look at the right sidebar and focus on getting one right sentence at a time. I would use the sidebar application only if I felt that suggested change is worth considering. This way I completed my target mark for today’s entry.

Takeaway and Faith Building

The important takeaway from this experience was not only to gain back my confidence in my writing but also build on the faith in the process without giving up. The tempo to write today was very light even though I have yet to reach the mark of clearer expression.

In all this, I have spent my days working on language and its expression. Yet no stories seem to be brewing in the brewery. Another year goes by and I haven’t written a story. I feel like a dark rock who crossed the earth’s hemisphere without being noticed even by the amateur sky watchers.

Self-Discovery the Mainstay

I write to discover myself and in the process of finding ‘who I am?’ I engage in multiple activities to discover that one factor that holds my entire identity together. In this process, there are days when I am on the ninth cloud, like today or there are days when I am mining the inner grounds endlessly and getting nowhere with it. But in all this, I am doing that which I love the most!

Image Source: Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels