DTT Series | Exploring Renshi With Some Human Touch

Poetry has a way of making inner peace for me. I take to writing a poem like a duck takes to water. They are fascinating for me, and the best way towards self-expression is verses written with no care for being properly in form. I am a form limited yet formless poetess who seeks to find a form to just break its pattern.

But poetry is my way of finding and losing me at the same time. Sometimes when emotions get crowded with personal feelings then the weather is just right for a poem. I begin to explore my own existence with words and what I find that day is the version person of the moment. Change is the only constant in all this, today’s version will never be the same as tomorrow’s version.

The wonders of World Literature

If I were to create a semester of World Literature, then I would have explored far more closely the effervescent global communities. How would a person ravaged by war feel and think? Maybe they were rejoicing the day when there was ‘silence from shelling.’

I would include South America, Middle East, South East Asia, North East Asia, European works, all belonging to the different gamut. Current issues, present predicaments, banned and scary books that change the mindset. I would want them all to be part of the curriculum.

100 Books from World Literature Library | To Explore!

The 100 world literature books mapped out in my mind provide such strange visions within me. Here is the list of 100 books to read. I always believe that when one reads a written work, the author takes over the reading mind completely. I live, breath and exist only for those words that created the magic for me. Detaching the self from the book after reading it, takes some time for me. I

I am trapped and captured as a willing audience. I will not defy the author because I can’t read them if I disagreed with the author. So, I find that I, me and myself get subjugated willingly by the writer’s words.

2015, Exploration of Poetic Collaboration Across Continents

In March 2015, I came across a wonderful poem. It was unique in my understanding. It was a Trilingual Renshi titled “Sea” written by Hyesoon Kim, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Ming Di, Don Mee Choi.

Renshi is a kind of poem that it is more of modern exponents of the traditional Japanese linked poem or Renku. This poem was collaborative works of four poets from Japan, China, and Korea.

A Poetry That Marks the 70th Anniversary After World War II

This poem marks the 70th anniversary after the end of World War II celebrated with historical political speeches on August 15, 2015. The four poets come together on the virtual web space to create a unique linked poem.

These poets explored three elements: ‘Sea’, ‘Rice’ and ‘Sun’ creating a link of 36 poems that explored the souls of the nations which resist the world’s entropy.

A Space to Learn World Literature

I wish there was a place where one can learn World Literature from the native speakers on a first-hand basis. The language which is a fascinating subject for me helps me to remain always curious and an eternal explorer.

Yet, say what if, the language was a conversation that humans have quietly forgotten to remember, then restarting the conversation is important. I am reminded of the Tower of Babel and the story of how language got scrambled. I felt that the language became scrambled like the morning eggs for breakfast.

Scrambled or Unscrambled, Yet Fodder for Thoughts

The joy of the dish lies in the tasting. Scrambled or unscrambled, the world languages should start a Renshi on world peace. I believe all languages are often connected branches that flourish from the main tree of peaceful communication.

I have often found that I learn the most when I just curiously wish to explore literature with no set curriculum in mind. It is like having a huge library that opens a chance to truly live another’s life for a short duration.

Poetry That Talks to The Soul

Sometimes the best poems are the ones that talk to the soul in a revivalist spirit. I explored poems like an archeologist at digging pit making a new discovery of understanding every time. The ancient call of the wilderness resonates within the being giving the reader a remarkable comfort and reassurance.

Poetry is a human understanding of life’s greatest secrets. Someone has taken the time and effort to record it for all to enjoy makes it one of the best gifts to humanity.  

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