Review | Fare Thee Well Videocon D2H and Hey There Tata Sky

On Wednesday, I took a mercurial decision to change my Cable operator since I was facing issues with reception and was clueless as to how to replace my old connection with the upgraded connection. Since the confusion persisted and support was not humanly possible as I was busy. I understood that I wanted to check out other options.

Casually Looking Around

Honestly, I loved the Tata Sky advert on Jinga La La jingles. It is not that Tata is any better than Videocon. Right in the initial level that was my angle, twisted but mine! I called for a connection and the team hopped on to get it done on the very day but then it was very late in the evening. I requested for a daytime installation since there was no proper lighting system for the engineer to work for setting up the dish.

So, the engineer arrives and sets it up under humanly possible duration. By the end of the day, my Tata Sky connection was brightening my TV with it is HD Glow. I am a proud Tamilian, but I cannot watch any of the Tamil serials because the villainy is taken to an extreme level with Tamil soaps. I love watching Dance and Singing series and sometimes Vijay TV comes with nice episodes to explore. But there ends my connection with the Tamil Package.

High Expectation Standards from Tamil Serials

I expect greater standards from Tamil and when I cannot find it, I back off from watching it. Tamil is my mother-tongue in which I cannot hear foul and cuss words. Tamil hits my emotional person very quickly and the hurt makes me sad from all the viewership of the channel.

So, I prefer Hindi which is my third language and I can view it with perspective without being affected. Sometimes I find the serials funny and more mellow compared to Tamil. There is no expectation for the language but then innate respectful discussion and dialogues make it easier to watch the shows in Hindi, but I am frightened of the vamp which is overkill in all the soap shows in India.

Kids Channel is Much More Fun

I prefer seeing Kids channels for that specific reason. Motu Patlu is my favorite, but it is best to watch with other kids. Both of us would be glued to the set fascinated over the various goof up and rescues that happen in the series.

No Hard Feelings Just a Natural Parting of Ways

Videocon D2H is a wonderful connection because I have very recently discovered Rangamanch which showed Theater enacted and captured for Television viewing. I absolutely love Theater because the format is limited but boundless. I have been enjoying watching plays since last September.

I want to say my goodbyes to Videocon D2H, I have no issues with the service it was seamlessly wonderful, but I needed to upgrade the dish and I didn’t know how to get that done. It was more my lack of understanding and personal hurdle in making a connection with the customer care.

At the end of the year, I turn to look at Tata Sky whom I am not looking to provide anything better than Videocon D2H but then they surprised me. I am not an angry and frustrated customer choosing another service provider. My relationship with Videocon naturally came to an end. I bid them fare thee well my friend we were partners so far and there are absolutely no hard feelings. The change was a need that I gathered in a natural way.

My New Connection My Santa’s Gift to Me

So, my box was HD one with a Tamil pack for free. As you know that I wanted more channels I asked the engineer for Kids pack and he helped me with it, and I was all set but the writer in me was not happy. I wanted my fantasy Hindi serials showed in Star Plus and Colors. So, I play around modifying the plan but then the amount was huge and there was confusion on the panel that I was viewing.

Naturally, I was taken in by 24/7 help support and it said Chat Now. I was like hey just the stuff I need. So, for the next hour, Sahajdeep Singh Artificial Intelligent Bot helped me to solve the issue. Of course, the bot kept calling me Sir for the entire space of conversation even when my name is Female one, at least down south it is!

A Patient AI Bot

AI was able to handle my quirky queries with such a facile attitude that I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. This was the first time that I was not frustrated and dejected from Customer Care Support via Chat. That Videocon D2H loses points to Tata Sky and has a competitive edge in their service support facilities.

The Bot read my mind when it suggested if I need Channel showcasing Theatre and Street Play. I was sure excited that the Bot Agent understood my unexpressed thoughts. I love to watch the theatre more than serials. I like the limited space of the stage and when actors in a theatre are over villainous is not that stark in makeup heavy Serials. I like the fact that you can do one act, one actor play with absolute spectacular clarity.

Marathi Theatre and My Love for Theatres

Rangmanch especially Marathi theatre has been one of my favorites from the time I discovered it in my childhood. If the channels could bring movies that Art side and award won Art movies it would be such a great thing. A chance to see something spectacular in all those movies that spoke of social changes while dragging the crass of the dead society.

We are all living in a social stupor without being affected by the certain aspect of our lifestyle that we take for granted. Arun who helped me set up the dish and set up the box was very helpful and a genial engineer who didn’t mind the high afternoon sun while he patiently set up the dish on the terrace.    

We, The Geeks Will Geekily Anyone in this World

He had to put up with my geek family member’s prattle about signals and flashbacks to getting flaky Sri Lanka broadcast signals on our black and white television. I come from a geek family we are a huge bunch of geeks who will make you cry laughing out loud.

I am an always happy customer and when I face challenges with the product it is a matter of patiently seeking help. I feel that Customer Care people are there to help and being patient is an art form. I am a happy customer for both Videocon and Tata Sky. I am happy to have my theatre pack but aspire for Art Movie channels soon.

Image Source: Personal Art Work