5 AM Club | Mid-way Takeaway

The last time, I read Robin Sharma’s work was about a few years back when I was working as a Consultant Technical Writer. His writing, as usual, was interesting to explore. “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” to “The 5 AM Club,” shows his travel and desire to upscale his skillset to improve personal and professional spaces of the reader.

Robin’s genuine desire to reach out to people and show them a more inspiring way to self-develop and perform at peak levels. Taking a leaf out of his work I would say his book has a rocking beginning and sturdy middle and a glorious but achievable plan for the readers. As I am reading the book, I feel such energy flowing through me that I have begun using some of the key points in my life.

From the time I worked as a Project Coordinator, I enjoyed waking up at 4 am in the morning. I have lived with just four hours of sleep and felt glorious even during the weekends. Of course, the issue was the matter of sustaining such a rigorous schedule. I learned the following few years that waking at 4 am gives you such power and complete silence of the environment allows the mind to think clearly.  

I have finished about 45% of the Kindle book, I am gloriously curious about what will he disclose for the reader who wishes to achieve mastery over their day and their lives. This takes me back to what I have been trying to achieve in my life. I agree with the fact that mastery is possible only when we stay with a specific skill for a long duration and then attain a handle on the specific skill.

I am an impatient person who keeps constantly getting distracted from my goal. There is no firm grip on the activity, and I don’t reach my goal most of the time. Have I upscaled my gameplay? I am not sure given that the results have been poor over the past. So, what is this all doing in the takeaway of the book? Well, the point is that I have always worked on my Spiritual set, but not on my Mindset, Healthset and Heartset.

My heart is filled with lots of anger and self-disappointment from the multiple self-help books that I tried to read up to make myself a success story. The countless failures kept creating a huge hurdle in my way and all progress was just upscaling the fear factor and a complete panic shutdown of the emotions and desire to make a significant change in my life.

I am still trying to get my emotions all in one order. The reason behind much of my progress going to waste is that I need to fix so many issues in the emotional regions. Likewise, my Mindset is also complicated and filled with chaos. The lack of clarity and clear definition of goal to achieve and mindlessly scrambling to do another person’s work only leaves me totally dejected and demotivated.

Here is where I feel Robin does a great service to the human community. He tries to rewire our thinking process in the matter of personal and professional success. The 5-6 AM slot provides the required silence where the self-actualization of desires can happen while making extraordinary changes in the life of the reader who makes the required effort to use his teachings.

The storyteller was a little disappointed because this is basically a Creative Non-Fiction work and there is no storyline as such. I felt the love angle was so forced that it was getting in the way. I had a question why the two cats should be in love with each other? Just curious! Because both are trying to master the skill of upscaling their life’s gameplay. I felt it was a distraction.

Or maybe Robin was trying to say that when two or more people come together to participate in an event a temporary attraction happens and that kind of love lasts until the session, then whither away with the distance and life happening around them. So, the role of love happening for the exclusive two students is a rather interesting angle.

The Spellbinder is another interesting person who wafts in and out of the sequence. In all this, I feel the important aspect that provides the best light on the confusion of why the band-aid fixes on making change happen are the approach that we have about the various measures that we take to impact our lives. For instance, Robin mentions that technological noise should be muted to allow the creative part of our thinking mind to flower with understanding and inspiration.

For the past five days, I have been assigning fixed time to check messages and social media (LinkedIn only). I make sure the phone and laptop are not used and I handwrite my articles these days. I have seen a remarkable change in the way my day phases out for me. There is such power pack energy and given that I’m now ready to make changes in my personal life too.

Technology really gets in the way for someone like me. I get easily distracted and I find it difficult to keep me focused on one task for a long time. But then with the digital distraction being assigned a specific time and clearing of the issue or requirement within the stipulated time help with assigning the main part of the day to self-improvisation and aim for some uber change in myself.

So far, I feel that the book works wonders for me. I would highly recommend reading it. I will post a standard review of the book. While for now the joy of finding an activity that helped me regain some confidence and faith that things will change for the better, slowly but steadily if I kept up the spirit of keeping the mind, body, soul and heart all in healthy alignment.

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