A Tail Chewing Live Snake | A Life Born Out of Dreamscapes

I usually have a unique mystic dream that featured a live snake eating its tail. The image triggers a need to create something fresh. Usually when I have this dream, then I would have something to write that day. These days I don’t have this dream. Yeah, sometimes I miss ‘the live snake eating its tail’ dream. Long time back I remember my sister-in-law gifted me a dream journal and I remember filling it with dreams from the previous nights.

Among them, the live snake would be featured at least four times in a month. I had the book till 2002. Then I stopped writing down my dreams and when they started to infiltrate my writing. There are moments when I am writing they appear suddenly into my creative spaces. The live snake is a secret desire within me, and then, they become blossoms of reality for me.

Tracking Dreamscapes with Wild Disarray

I am thrilled to remain in the dreamscapes for countless hours to explore inner realms. I usually love to go into a self-hypnotic state where the lines between reality and dreams are blurred. The faces that I encounter in the space is rather interesting that it doesn’t follow the rules of the physical sphere’s structure. Sometimes I believe that Dr. Seuss’s books and Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland and such other fantasies are easy to understand and grasp for me.

The characters in the dream are never following the natural rules. The rules are broken and challenged every step of the way makes it most appealing for me. I disliked discipline but now I understand it better than during younger days. I feel that structured madness could result in quiet some entertaining moments sold as capsules of well-being for the thinking human-mind. For non-stop inspiration, it is important to spend time in the creative spaces without questioning it with the temporal world’s logic.

Form-Changing Snakes Series | My Fascination

There are multiple fantasy-tales that I have loved to watch. Series around snakes taking human forms and seeking revenge is a favorite theme that resonates in the viewership spheres. Even though I dislike Indian Soaps, I still love to watch the Naagin series. I believe all the season so far has been painful to watch but the undeniable attraction for the various VFX work and the tale that gets spun over the span of the season is painfully watchable.

The fantasy of the snake and its need for finding justice is retold in multiple ways and the love twist always works beautifully in the skillfully woven stories. Though the telly series are rather stretched and pulled like a bad rotting tooth’s root canal surgery. But that is the fascination of the telly series. Don’t take things seriously and arrive at the spot to be entertained and nothing much. The same thing is true for Dreamscapes too. The logic is annihilated, and the images are insights into the thinking mind.

The form of changing female and male snakes are a product of the fertile human imagination. The folklore myth is mixed well with the assumption of imaginative thinking, all these puts together bring out the tales of fascination. Of course, the modern-day interpretation is provided to spike it up for present-day viewership needs.

One Unforgettable Dream That Haunts Me Even Today!

I am not sure if I have seen this scene in a movie or was it something from my dreamscapes. It is an old tower and cell where the hero is imprisoned and lying on his arms is his ladylove. The characters are in deep conversation pouring their hearts out and vowing to be inseparable. Yet the time is ticking because the hero broke the rule of waiting for dawn. It is a typical Russian folktale feel and I think it was a Russian movie dubbed in English.

Even today, I get goosebumps when I think about the scene. The ladylove vanishes and her cerulean blue dress floats out of the tiny grill window high up in the dungeon. This image haunts me whenever I am tired and weakened due to the insurmountable challenges of the day. Then this image will drift into my dreamscapes and I will know that the spirit seeks to escape into the art world much like the magically the girl turns into wisps of vapor in the hero’s arms.

Sometimes My Dreams Include Cartoon Characters

I remember having a dream that was entirely based on cartoons. It was not the cartoon characters, but I was a cartoon. I was tired and worn-out for the day after making a complicated task assigned in school. I usually have a ritual when I go to sleep, I promise myself that I will remember the dream when it plays in my mind. The minute I wake up I hop out of bed to record the remembered dreams.

Sometimes, it is so fascinating to record the event and sometimes I land up with being chased by a strange man. Many a time it has been fear that was the most powerful factor of these tired-day dreams. But equally, there are dreams which are humorous and full of fun. In those, the cartoon character of real-life people is such a dream that I get once-in-a-blue-moon.

Mind Processing the Daily Life and Incidents from Real-Life

Dreams are processed information about various life stress and happiness. It shows how the entire events of life are being processed within. It also shows the mental strength of the dreamer. Somehow the dream allows the sleeper to self-heal and face the next day with a brighter faith of succeeding.

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