A Whisper of One Word of Encouragement! That’s All It Takes!

Life’s challenges are many and diverse. What seems easy to tackle for one person! It could be extremely difficult for another. Yes, it is true that the first time of anything new might not be that easy to get the hang around. But then, if you could hold on to that thin silver string of faith within. Then that point of reference will take you beyond the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge. Now, when you look at the struggles in your life, it might seem like an exemplary lesson.

That Small Inner Voice of One Lone Encourager

There have been moments when things seem to brew with new understanding and of course, the reverse also happens. Yet, that small soft-spoken voice motivating me to carry on when all my disaster proves that I am a hopeless failure at the given task. I think you need to listen to that softly spoken word more than all the angry gush of putting your spirits down voices.

In keeping with this faith, I found that one conjunct string of encouragement, “Rooknamath!” I fell in love with that powerful character who says to me stop not now! “There are still miles of dreams yet to achieve! So, don’t stop now! The spirit to dream big and to achieve it in small quarter victories takes courage with determination to not give in.

Here is where the voice of that one lone soft-spoken person’s voice proves to be magical. It revives the fresh breath of hope and determination to give the best shot in the life’s challenges ahead. Surprisingly, our life’s struggle is such that, there are days when we win and there are days when we lose. Depending on the frequency of Victories or Failures you will find the small voice loud or mellow whisper.

Valuing the Critic and Appreciator Equally

I always found that when I win, I try to listen to the Critic or when I lose, I listen to the Appreciator initially and then I move on to analyzing the project until I understand the lessons in it. In one’s life, people who dislike us are our best friends because they provide the reason to self-improve and beat the odds of a mono-angled view of our victories or defeats.

When you have an honest friend, who speaks openly without fearing your emotional reactions, that person is the best critic that you can ever have in your life. There lies the difference between an acquaintance who is agreeable just to please; and a true friend pointing out the error which is yet hidden from your point of view. Yet if you find one such friend who brilliantly shatters your illusionary pride and shows you the truth, I believe that priceless friend is venerable true Critic.

At the same time, being someone’s friend is a fine art of being true, honest and who enjoys full freedom of expression, such a friend should be able to balance out their critic and support with finesse. I have been blessed with great friends with whom I might not be in touch on a regular base, but then, whenever we, as my friend and I connect, I am my honest self and while respecting the time set aside by that friend for me. One of my conditions, self-assigned of course, is to be genuine in my friendship and not to pretend.

Lone Voice, Critic, and Appreciator Balances Off

Some of the best life lessons are to balance off the Lone Voice of the Inner Being with the Critic or Appreciator so that there is a divine peace among the trio. I have learned this method rather late in my life. For a long time, I never listened to my inner voice, even today if there is a choice between listening to an inner voice or other unauthenticated voices, I believe others and not myself. So, technically my inner voice has been grounded for many years. But of late, I have started to listen to my inner voice, even though it is a little lazy and has rather extreme lax expectation levels for me. But then, when I am failing all around that voice pulls the spirit embedded deep in the debris of my failures.

Life throws more failure than victories for me. I believe it is when we stop to fight when faced with failures are countless and continuous. It is at that moment, we understand the true worth of the victories in our life, because it was hard-won. The facts of life are written in a lucid format for humans and my fact in life is to search for the Truth and the Light! Just these two have become my need and my want in life. I refuse to do anything I will not be able to do in the presence of the Divine Being or my personal god (Ishtadeva) “Sathyanarayanan Perumal” has always been my reference point in my life.

Fearlessly Live A Life Heading Towards Truth

Sometimes, I am my own friend and foe in times of dire requirement. But it is also true that human being or anyone is their own friend and foe. It becomes important that we figure out when the friend is out and prowling or is it the foe working overtime against us. Our thinking mind provides the elixir and venom at the same time. When the thoughts are not structured properly, it becomes rather out-of-control and the damage done. The blame falls on the human mind, because the thought which lead to the damage had generated first in the mind due to its twisted thought process.

So, I feel that inner voice or outer voice, one should remember to treat them with equal care and learn from the experience of gaining new understanding. I prefer being non-social person as I prefer to stay alone and with myself. I like being alone but then when alone there are no new thoughts unless you take up reading other people’s thoughts. That is when you find yourself crowded with other voices endlessly shutting up my inner voice. Since I love to debate over topics, other thoughts get argued, defended and shred to pieces in my left and right hemispheres of the brain. Then, the voice of the Inner being sounds to provide the final verdict.  

Then, it is time to fearlessly head towards the truth and seek the best advice that the Inner-Self is projecting into your conscious space. Eventually, I feel even truth is just a version of one single human emotion and experience, which seems so one-sided. When an explanation is asked for, that is the time when the angle is seen, and it takes great courage to be able to recognize the validity in another human’s point of view. I leave you with this Ad embedded in my blog. I truly could connect with the actor and his lines about cooking since I am weakest in cooking skills. I believe the actor was so convincing that I believe that he also took away the lesson “Rooknamath!” with him. I have a serious liking for this actor even though his early movies were so, so. But after all experimentation this actor has shown that tenacity of perseverance shows the path of success. I feel his choice of characters is good and socially convincing. So here goes! The ad that rocked my day!  

Source: You-Tubeist | veer sooryavanshi