Fight Setbacks with Easy But Simple Solutions

Surprisingly, yesterday was monthly Shivarathri. I was unaware until I made a check of the untorn leaflets of the daily calendar. On the Mahashivrathri day, I failed to stay awake till the next day 6 am. I fell asleep at 2 pm and my personal prayer took a setback.

But then, yesterday, I naturally stayed awake because I was not praying or anything specific. I couldn’t sleep because I had been sleeping over the day a lot. I watched a movie which set me thinking. Yesterday, was the official All-India government announced Curfew (Janta Curfew), so I had a lot of time to fill being indoors.

I should fear the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19; but I am not, I have a faith that all will be well with lesson to take out going forwards. Prayers are powerful and when we stop to look more closely at life and its higher values, I think we can move impossible mountains of difficulties and troubles.

At this hour, it is important that we stay in-focus and calm, so that, our prime aim is to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe, while using that self-same approach towards our fellow traveler on this planet Earth. We need to be like a true ‘Vasudeva Kudumbakam.’

It is hard to be unselfish at times of crisis or dire situations yet let the natural humanity in us blossom. It is at this point that we show how much of a genuine human being we are despite our fear factors. We should set aside the fear of the global opponent (Covid-19) and aim for staying calm and collected in this situation.

I know, it is so ‘Easy to say but Hard to follow,’ right! The threat to life is always present in our life, it is not something entirely new. So, the fear of death due to unnatural occurrence tends to lay a lot of stress in the human mind and spirit.

The few points that we should remember is to not create panic-reactive response to the emergency stimulus that is unnaturally thrust upon us all. It is important that we figure our ways to cope with the various stress influencers surrounding us in the form of various channel of communication.

It is time to be a socially conscious citizen of the world and hold off sharing information that are not valid and has no proper authenticity in it. This might be the great time to get to know your family even more closely. We are in this together and we need to keep in touch while holding some social distancing.

The mind can make the current situation easy or hard based on how we perceive the situation. Find your right recipe for stress busting and be completely in keeping the mind calm and at peace. Don’t create a scarcity state during this medical crisis.

But then, what more, the challenge of this event, is showing us that we need to figure out our priorities in life and progress towards our true calling. Maybe some people might figure out their most important goals revised. Or some of the stress that came from the forced and artificial lowered life-expectancy among large group of human races has set them rethinking about life and its true-value.

It is never how long you lived but how well you have lived that truly speaks for your undocumented life on earth. No one likes to disappear as mere statistics in the world’s electoral stats to be memorized by the next medical student.

Life is more than that and sometimes one needs to look at the larger picture while working on our small section of the life’s mural. For which we need to monitor and to check our reactions to developing directives from Health Advisories.

This is the time to share knowledge freely to combat the common enemy of mankind while being authentic in dissemination of news. Our collective intelligence to overthrow the difficult situation and to make progress as a singular unit is important for all.

Our altruistic expression in the form of helping where possible and taking proper actions to contain and to stop chain reactions is needed most now. Keep the cheer and keep on to your faith that this will pass too!

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