Pick Up the Gauntlet Girls | Toh Punga Ley!

About a couple of days back, I watched a movie titled “Punga” with interesting cast playing out an important social element of our common history. The social roles and responsibilities have been undergoing a lot of changes and every era had their own unique way of handling it.

Right then, Let Me Give You A Spoiler Alert!

I loved the movie but then some of the dialogues were super forced natural. But then the movie was beautiful. More than the review of the movie, I think we should focus on the takeaway aimed for by the entire team. Our celluloid heroes are not real when we explore them out of their shroud of characters that they play onscreen.

I hope that I am not sliding into the version of feminist mainstream scream. I am left of center not sure what it means but sound so beautiful that I am taking ownership to the thought and the space in the liberal lobby. I still don’t have any clue what it all means. So, in simple terms, I am woman who is not over the top preference to sound strong and bold. By the way, I am neither bold nor beautiful! (Pun intended!)

Story in a Nutshell | Don’t Know How Much of It Is Still Inside Shell

In my life as wide-eyed baffled young girl I have been watching relationship, if these conversations happen between people that were in the public not those in the private. I love the debate between the contenders. I respect the space of individual. Even when removing sprains of people, I usually ask permission to touch them and based on their breath pattern and pain bearing capabilities, I reduce or increase my hand pressure to get the sprain in order.

So, why I am ambling in such wide sweep spaces, just so, to say that I am a highly sansakari girl. Given these highly forced good manners, I am super meek too. Give me a Word processor and leave me alone for a while I would have created a storm in my little tea set, and you will catch me brewing the storm with great care.

I never professed to be an easy person to understand. But given all the adjectival descriptive words to explain who I am and emphatic that I am strictly not a feminist or any ‘-ist’ for that matter. I saw a movie that was interesting and of course as always it set me thinking.

Comeback Artists and Our Local Perspective

Movies as a field would be an excellent space to explore the discrimination about Heroines who have given birth to a child and gloried their personal motherhood, were often seen exploring being mother to heroes with whom they had done lead roles.

So, a woman makes a choice to sidestep the mainstream career to explore personal choices as a nurturing mother, the comeback is filled with extreme challenges. In all this we forget our support system and how abused time management get dragged into the conversation and being the new change takes effort. A lot of efforts!

In sport unlike in other areas of expertise the sport person needs to be doubly agile and pitching for agility will require balancing the health factor to the best possible level for competitive matches. So, we see the main character struggle through her inner nemesis and aiming for the best that she could deliver. Of course, with the typical Bollywood masala finish.

Best Point Was Scored Against the Internal War

Most of the woman’s fall back is that she is not sure if she could do it. Hurdles and negative thoughts make the unrestrained move a challenge and when that is conquered then the interesting moment happens to observe the lead actor’s progress.

Woman’s worst enemy is herself that doubts every fixated social statement, you are old for this, you cannot be acting as if your younger days are back and much more. When woman buys into these statements a lone woman is fighting a twin battle all alone and most often with a family that doesn’t support her. Yeah in a movie it is all rosy, but reality check is of a different ballpark altogether. All these pre-defined statements of who a woman is and her aspiration to do something that has been her dream is squashed beyond recognition.

Punga Ley! Yet, I am Not a Feminist!

The best dialogue would be when the two long friends in crime get together and they reaffirm that woman should go ahead and throw her gauntlet and challenge the status quo of social blind-sightedness. So, I also would like to join them and say Punga toh leyna padega!

Image Source: Pexels.com