My HP Printer Product and All My Customer Care Support Experiences

HP printers in our house have been a reliable support since I became my un-officio secretary of my father. My father spoiled me for the rest of my future manager. As per papa’s rule you do not question what he says and just do the typist job and keep the trap shut because he is processing a serious issue in his head. Mind you my father is the most docile person in this entire world.

He is a fair father and will listen to common sense, but he does not understand my passion for the languages. The only time when I had a public disagreement was while selecting my choice of course for my university days. I put my foot down for English Literature, and he was set for Economics with a future in the bank. I busted his dream that day sticking out for English Literature.

That was the only time I disagreed with him. Otherwise, my experience with my parents have been one of mellow variety. I was fine with their home rules and they were fine with my quirks and eccentricities. So, life has been without any major disruption or disagreements. Even today I have no regret having taken English Literature. If my heart is not where my passion is for the work, then rest assured I will not work at all!

All my jobs so far were such great exploration of various fields and whatever that I learned in the process was such joy and happiness. My first manager was my father. He spoiled me so bad in his training, that till date I have not found a manager like him at all. Each manager is different. Mind you I was an equal to my father and I had a voice, but not on the technical details.

So, I was in my 8th grade when I began helping my father as a typist and printing his letters and documents. Our pleasant experience of discovering the various ways to print the content on the letter head and coming up with tips and tricks to do it was such joy. I absolutely loved my father’s calm until I figured out the printing issues. We never read the user manual, moreover, there was not one during emergency. There have been days when our joint brains were used to figure out the various option to get that perfect printout.

Father and My Adventures with Our HP Printer

The one thing that I learned deeply from my father is to patiently work logically when faced with an issue in any materialistic things. But, somehow, it works for products and services but not for people. I think I should have taken the lessons from my father’s younger brother who was in the Insurance line for handling people. But then, coming back to our HP Printer experiences.

Our HP Printer has been in our house nearly three decades. Since my dad believed in the HP Printers and will not buy any other manufacturers’ product. So, it is not surprising that I follow his tradition and have got myself a new wireless HP Printer as recommended by my Cousin.

Of course, Papa had a reliable computer parts service engineer who would drop in during emergency and fix up the electronic devices that is faulty. I usually correct my electronic device issue within my range of understanding, but when the fault requires deep-seated checking of settings, then I would give up and the engineer would get a SOS to rescue the device.

HP Product Specialty in Our Lives

These days you can give a call to the customer care and get your help setup seamlessly. That way I must say that my first experience with Customer Care was with Wells Fargo Bank. I had lost my credit card and I got back a new card and my lost Clipper card too with the monthly top up reinstated. I was so grateful for the entire experience.

Later when I returned to India and I had to struggle with SBI Card. I tell you it was hard but then the bank is superlative in helping me out. I figured out how to use their customer care cell and I also must thank Airtel for the wonderful customer care experience since 2013 upwards.

I mean I deeply appreciate the work a customer care personnel do to resolve any issue of their customer. It truly takes great skill to accomplish that and the amount of stress that gets elevated is unbelievable. God bless these customer care cell people.

Getting Down to My Experience

Amazon purchase is my all-time favorite experience. Right from the day, when I first signed up for an account, then, how I used to check out second-hand low-cost books, kept my mental budget intact while purchasing and much more. You do not need a brand-new book for class reading, an old version is equally as good. Moreover, the books were never that bad in the secondhand low-cost versions.

Okay, I understand that my bother might be paying for them but that does not mean I splash the amount like water. I was incredibly careful about what I ordered in Amazon. I never really had to call the customer care for anything with regards to Amazon product everything had been delivered safely so far and will be in the future too, undoubtedly!

The experience of Amazon purchase of the wireless HP Printer was quick and easy. It landed in my house as per schedule and I attempted to unpack the printer and to set it up using my knowledge of computer servicing course that I did long time ago. But I seemed to have done something wrong because I followed all the instruction in the manual.

My new wireless printer would not print since the cartridge got stuck and would not move. After struggling with my low inputs, I decided to call the customer care cell. I called up HP and went about fixing by thoroughly overlooking as per instruction from the Customer Care person on the phoneline. Though the various options that could be done via remote access was tried. But then, the visual of the back-end of the system was indicating that an actual physical issue is present in the printer.

HP Cared About Solving My Printer Issue

The representative customer care agent who was on the phone helping me, said that he will set me up with a local service center personnel and a time was scheduled for a home visit to rectify the issue. The person who made the visit was immensely helpful given that the request got squashed in between the Pongal holidays. The service engineer who visited me after the festival, walked me through the possible issues and since it was within warranty period, he asked me if there was any warranty attached to the product. I checked and then, approached Amazon for a replacement.

I quickly contact Amazon because I was not sure if I had exceeded the time limit for a replacement option. I was a little nervous about approaching them, but the Customer care personnel in Amazon was so kind and gentle with the nervous person like me. It was decided that I repack the printer and have the bill handy and wait for the rescheduled replacement agent to drop off the exchange product.

Amazon’s Amazing Replacement Experience

I like to learn new things every time and because of which I honestly have great appreciation for all that surround me. Even hardship in life gets you to meet so many great people in the process. In the experience of replacing the printer I got to interact with so many new people and I found a service engineer for extreme emergency situations for electronic devices.

Amazon seamlessly replaced my printer and I got help from outside to setup my printer and all was fine until one day I wanted to print a color copy of my Samskrutham document. But then, no amount my tweaking the setup and the color printing options would let me print the document in color for me.

HP Made My Copy Technicolor Printouts

The person who helped me to plug and play setup the printer could not help with setting up color printing issue. So, I immediately setup a call with the customer care cell of HP this time and the person had remote access to the device, and I was like OMG! The person remotely setup and fixed my issue and I was like wow!

Every single customer care cell that I approached to get my printer printable was helpful and courteous and kind to me. Given that I am a quick to panic person, they handled me with great care and understanding.

My heart-felt thanks to all who made my Printer printable and a joy to use.

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