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I am rather at a disadvantage, so to speak, especially on the topic of Women Writers and Feminism. Somehow the combo looks terrifying and I fear missing my steps here. I have been a spirited person always and I had great difficulty holding a check on my passionate need to be a feminist but then, I am super docile to openly expose it, so I felt that it would be better then, if I were an attic feminist. I maybe a feminist but I may not acknowledge it publicly.

Attic Feminist and My Woes!

Where and when the docile females of our household become Woman of Letters, stop them right there and then, for the terrain ahead can be precarious and dangerous to their sanity. Given the social setting for women in general are to head the kitchen and make decision over the choice of draperies and its shades. Beyond that the women needs for holding her identity is beyond repair just a showcase of lip service sympathies murmured to calm the nerves of the distressed lady and move on towards other topics that more neutral.

So, I keep wondering if the woman starts to think for herself and questions why she is not an equal in the social setting, how would she write and yet toe the line of pre-dated requirement? This is my downfall; in a huge group I might never be able to express myself this boldly, but a word processing application I dare to defy! Much to my consternation!

Why am I, then suddenly speaking about the danger of writing among woman? Personally, I consider writing is great way to explore your thought without the distraction of interruption from another person. Given that my mind’s attic is filled with lots of women writers that I have enjoyed beyond the frivolous rom-com writing to actual intellectual depth finding, I would say I have read their works and that too with genuine interest.

Finding the Woman in the Writing!

So, should it be so that the writer’s main identity does not show up in their writing? Because the work is basically an outpour of the writer’s reaction to specific event or just a desire to explore. There lies the difference between a Best-Seller and Literary toss back books. Mind you there are readership for literary works too.

Innumerable hours reading up women writers from Centuries where it done discretely and to blatant display of deliberate view to defy and to declare that here lies the woman of the modern era, full refurbished for readership pleasure. To dare and to take the world to show a point of view takes great skill and willfulness to prove a point and mean it too.

Somehow these women are no longer the common fair ladies who drank tea in delicate china sets and nibbled on choicest pastries. We are speaking of woman who hold important post and are parrying with men folks to hold on to that post while being de-womanized in the process. Can I be the woman that I am? With my weakness and shortcomings and not apologize for the naturalness of being a woman.

This is the new essay that I am reading currently, and I am super interested in it. I have not gone past the few pages of introduction yet in these few pages I could feel the book resonate within my inner being. I was fascinated with the choice of topic and I felt that every woman writers I connected with and understood their lexicon to be a gripe water to the un-stomach-able things that happens in the social setting.

The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination

By Sandra M. Gilbert, Susan Gubar
Yale University Press, 11-Jul-2000 – History – 719 pages

I feel that by the time I get to finish this essay in criticism, I might have some interesting thoughts to share about feminism but then from an attic feminist who cares really!

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