101 on Asian Drama | Journal Entry

The complete Asian dramas are a spectrum watch. I have had the opportunity to watch almost all the various South Asian dramas and I felt my brothers and sisters in the Asian peninsula are such great souls of wisdom and of good manners so to speak.

My love for Korean Drama was quite by chance. It started when I began using my sister’s Netflix account and it was a weekday and I was back from one grueling and hard to understand class. I could not think in straight lines and frustrated with my writing attempts. I cannot think of a day passing without having watched the series that I am crazy about. I am usually completely craze about a series or in some case the series leaves me completely flat and uninspired. I come from the land of Kollywood and we love our entertainment till we are rested for the lifetime.  

So, I was seriously looking at various Indian new movies to watch and I was not happy with any of them listed in Netflix. I wanted to shed tears of frustration at this inaccessible my interest entertainment. I was working on Fairy tale around that time when I came across “My Princess” but then in Korean. I hesitate only for a second and then I decided to check it out. I usually know when I am caught hook, line, and sinkers, just looking at the title itself. So, I told myself it was all research and jumped in thinking that it was a movie and will get over under three hours, given the notoriety of Indian cinema being so long, even as far as 6 hours sometimes. But I find out that it was a series of 16 episodes in total with each episode an hour or so.

I start debating over the wisdom of beginning to see the series. But “My Princess” was so alluring that I could not resist it, so I said I will watch it for a while and if I am disappointed then I will leave. So, I start the first episode and I am caught and bowled over. From here there was no stopping my fascination for the Korean Drama with English Subtitles. I almost got to a point where I could understand what was being said without the translated subtitles.

I found all the dramas to be exceptionally wonderful to watch since it was always balancing act. The villains do not leave you feeling bitter about them. You might have a soft corner for their struggles and their villainy is no longer studied but more due to their short coming which makes beautiful humans. I liked that about the Korean Dramas there were never simply good and evil. The evil would be painted in the hues of humane feelings. That I feel shows and proves the point no one in this world is truly evil but circumstance when less endurable results in wrong choices.

After “My Princess” I got my own Netflix account and I browsed for all the Korean Drama series and watched it until I discovered Drama Fever site. Then I had the front row seat to the world of Korean Drama. I seriously feel that Drama Fever should be allowed in India too, but then they shut shop. I miss it the most! How I wish they would show it in India too. Given our penchant for serials of Daughters-in-law and Mothers-in-law disagreement I feel this would be a breath of fresh air. Somehow the romance between their heroes and heroines are so convincing that it is pleasure non-stop to watch them.

I watched quiet a few dramas ranging from costume, fantasy, modern, period, you name it, I have seen it. I just saw such range of Korean Drama that I felt the industry runs on such tight and efficient schedule for their dramas. I like their humor and their values which closely resemble our Tamil values at times. They even call their father and mother almost close to Tamil words appa and amma in which appa in Korean is appa and amma in Korean is omma. Is not that cute?!! I love their culture and the takeaway of human understanding that comes out of these dramas are really endearing.

Whenever I feel down or demotivated that my stories suck from here to hell. I usually try to see a couple of Korean Dramas. They never fail to make it a pleasurable time well spent. I seem to have fallen upon a treasure and having found Viki Drama site. My current craze for the Asian drama has come true! We also have incredible dramas and I do not know if I have some fellow admirers of our dramas too outside India. Our dramas are rather too long, and I believe we should tighten up our narrative and make our dramas more special.

Indian Dramas have certain unique characteristics and they are quiet entertaining to watch. I pick and choose my drama since it my time away from reading novels and so I want to be careful as to what I choose to watch during that time. My personal language choice for our drama is Hindi and I prefer it so. My mother-tongue is Tamil and I have great expectation from my own prime language. So, if the drama is below quality then I will skip it all together. Our comedy is still little childish much like the Asian section, we also have cranky grandfathers and grandmothers who are worried about the family line.

There are innumerable similarities with our Asian communities that it is a surprise that we do not get along. Must the villain die in the end to prove the victory over evil. But then what is evil at all. I feel we make mistakes and the harm is done too great to bear, but then, could not we get together and forgive and go ahead. Somethings happen because it is so, and it was not a mediated attempt to topple the whole balance of the world. Yet the Buddha in me tells me to forgive and to move on. Together forge a friendship that would endure. That is the favorite outcome that I find all the dramas that I see. For me it is important that you stay with the main leads and if the hero and heroine display this grandiose of emotional maturity, I feel I have seen a good drama after all.       

Image Source: Pexels.com