MoW Series: Work-from-Home

Home is where the heart resides! I do not like to go out and enjoy staying at home in comforts of all things familiar. While working you want to be in the most comfortable zone. Most of my nervousness with outside world would be calmed when I am at home.

Music goes a long way into keeping me at optimum working state. I love to listen to one song based on the beat I choose for working. My current song in loop is Anjaana Anjaani movie title track. I like the drum and it fits well with this piece that I am writing.

I have carefully selected this song, if not, the lyrics would get in the way. I am also listening to the song. So, words in the song has an important import for me. It is a wonderful balancing act to get the right music for the task.

Things That I Need to Work from Home

There are few things that I need to work at my optimum capacity. These are preset requirements. Most of this was already provided to me since the first time I worked for my dad. Appa’s office was just one staircase away on the ground floor. So, my office work was almost work-from-home.  

  1. Optimum work hours | 4 am to 6 am but flexible
  2. Wooden Desk in warm colors
  3. My Personal Laptop
  4. Music | uninterrupted music with headphones
  5. Window with nature’s view or at least a blue sky or
  6. At least one window with natural light
  7. Mug of Hot Chai
  8. Room temperature should be above 32° Degrees Celsius
  9. A Water-Bottle warm water preferably
  10. Women-At-Work Board to avoid unnecessary disturbances
  11. Slightly challenging task for workflow to happen

The above eleven points are the optimum working condition for me to engage in love’s labor and not labor’s love. This is my happy haven which ever office gave me this I had felt at home and the environments melts and I work without missing a beat.

There have been moments when I did not have a few points but if the topic on which I was working was super interesting. I and my laptop MSWord application along with the thinking mind reside in a creative space as if the time has completely stopped to exist for us.

The writer’s workflow is a wonderful state of being. It almost feels like you are flying through the spaces. It is like a free fall. Maybe even like the flips and spins of the wire artist of the Martial Arts performances in Asian movies.

There are days like today when the mind completely settles down and works at optimum pitch. That is being in a love state of complete peace and deluding into belief that I am creating something extraordinary. The words rush to be completed and the logic is so naturally spaced that you will enjoy the workflow and its magic.

The above list of requirements for optimum uninterrupted working condition may vary from person to person. What I totally get it can sound utterly preposterous to others. That makes us the different being in the varied riddled world.   

Important Things to Remember for Home Office

Always sit down at the same time every single day. Make sure to sort out all your home responsibilities and sit down only when you can give a solid two hours of uninterrupted work time. So, planning would really help you to get focused. Set it so that you finish what you started or at least get it to the state where is relatively finished.

Things that you should remember to do before and after while working at home

  1. Get to your work desk only when you have sorted all home issues
  2. Ensure you have two straight hours to work
  3. Optimize your work by having a fixed routine plan
  4. Make sure that you get ready as if you are going to office
  5. Yeah working PJs is wonderful but then work quality improves when you dress up
  6. Mentally split the home from the office zone this helps in making the mind focus
  7. Get into the groove, do mundane tasks, build on the feel of completing these small tasks
  8. Make sure you have all the required things around your desk
  9. Eliminate procrastination and jump in with positive vibes
  10. Have a closure routine so you can go back to your personal life
  11. Demark the work from the home and strike a balance

Remember to Have Fun Working at Your Best

Work should be fun and helpful for others. Keep a best outlook and positive mindset helps in making the experience rewarding and fruitful. I absolutely loved writing this piece and I am thrilled that I reduced the grade level from 7.1 to 6.4 with less than 10% passive sentences. I think it is happy progress for me. Sometimes I feel I love MSWord to distraction because we have been buddies for a long time. Anyway, hope my pointers were helpful. Enjoy working on your love’s labor!

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