Tata Sky Javed Akhtar’s Sher Aur Shayari | My Takeaways

Tata Sky Javed Akhtar is a program channel in which the poet Javed Akhtar Sahib gives a performance for the gathering of invisible poetry lovers.

The imaginary mahafil like environment with calm color code interior designed set seems like a celebratory gathering.

In this channel, you are given the first-row seat to the world of Urdu and Hindi poetic forms that touches the human perception in its own unique way.

This channel is a world apart from those channels that I have familiarized myself with over the long period of watching shows.

The way it is structured, it makes out to be a fascinating subject to explore. Javed Sahib picks some of the wonderful lists of poems to support his thesis on diverse and specific topics such as love, grief, life, relationship, et al.

With his wide knowledge he able to keep the listeners glued to every word that he utters. I am engrossed to the exclusion everything else. I found myself being lost to the world in his words and explanations.

Poetry Asks for Firm Language Skill and the Struggles of the Self-Taught

My understanding of the language Hindi and Urdu is borrowed from watching Bollywood movies, DD National channel. Sometimes the words in Hindi or Urdu are unreplaceable in English.

Since I am busy translating it into the language that I am relatively strong. That is when my chosen language (English) gives me a hindrance to progress.

This then forces me to use literal translation or even transliterate that single word which has no similar word in English.

Like for instance, the word Gham cannot just be sorrow since sorrow is just a sparrow’s flutter and Grief is a bear of tolerance. I could not change the Gham to sorrow or to grief in a brief translation.

So, I contemplated for a long time with the frustration of the translator’s nemesis pursuing relentlessly for that exacting word in the world of Language. I am lost and bereft with the word Gham.

Javed Sahib Easily Breakdown the Complex Poems

Since the main component of Javed Sahib’s poetry can be best enjoyed with a required language skill that is a little high. But then do not have to fret about it. His wonderful and simple explanation to each poem, couplet or Doha taken for explanation are simplified for layman terms. So, that you will not miss a beat.

Mahafil Aur Mahole

The episodes are made in various rooms which beautifully calm and done to taste. A comfortable chair that Javed Sahib sits almost transformed the living room of the audience into an afternoon tea meeting.

Some poetry would need a feel of night which is beautifully set with the buzz of night-timely sounds. For someone who comes from down South conservative Brahmin family, Mushiyara and Shayari are not familiar concept.

But I have the poet’s spirit in me. So, I found the ambiance and the collection of poems that he would literally dissect for better understanding, I felt was well done.

Even Though Borrowed It Is Mine!

Even though the Hindi and its partner language Urdu are not my main language, but I have been associated with it because of Bollywood and a family member who had taken Hindi language in their learning year.

Ahem! I am not that great in studies so Amma knew Tamil and thought it would be easier to put me in the Tamil stream of students in school, so no Hindi for me. But then these days, after Samskutham classes Hindi script is easier to read.

For me poetry in any language is a gift from heaven. I feel if you knew the source language of the poem then there is nothing like it. But then if it comes in translation I enthralled though because the turn it gets in the translated language is surely beautiful to experience.

Hardship of Translation

Translation of any one language to another is such a hard task that sometimes I feel that you cannot really get the essence of it in exact replication.

Whenever I felt the first blip in my heart when I heard the selection of poetry. I felt the kicked in diaphragm. I quickly rushed to write a few lines, but then, had to discard it as sheer wastage of energy.

I have stopped writing poems these days. I am more over focused on writing CNF (Creative Non-Fiction). To write a poem is scary these days. To feel with such emotional intensity takes a lot out of me.

Poetic Joy of Free-Fall and Rise as a Phoenix

But to write a poem is like being set free into the sky. The tumult of the fall and the rise are such joyous experience by itself. The sensitive heart feels the jerk every time, whenever I wrote a poem.

But of late almost since 2015, somehow, I feel that the poems will not be written anymore. That is a deep-seated sorrow for me. Because realms of CNF cannot become a couplet written with care. So, I found my pleasures in poetry by listening to it being read to me.

Somehow, I feel I have a lover’s tiff with poetry and is unwilling to settle down in his arms for a roundup of couplets with a deep understanding of life and life’s philosophies.

A Unique Channel for Fostering Free Thought

So Javed sahib’s channel for Sher Aur Shayari gives me that space to explore new understanding. Sometimes, when he explains a Doha or Sher explaining how it came about where the poet is trying to take their thinking audience is wonderful.

Among the various poems I have not seen Javed Sahib mention poetry by woman poets. If there be a collection of women poets and their viewpoint on love, grief, and freedom with restrictions.

Image Source: Javed Akhtar Sahib