MoW Series|Strings of Thoughts and Emotions | A Self-Portrait

Cease not from knowledge let thy toil be vast…. – Sri Aurobindo

Under the starlit sky,
Self is cloaked in warmth
From the cold breeze
Emitting through my heart.
The Lotus of Peace Blossoms
Within the Inner Mind
All is balanced and Prakriti!

– Vidya Suri

A what-makes-me-me session of mindful meditation leads to some interesting sharp curvaceous path and risqué turnpikes. This person in me has been gathering knowledge in improbable places and ways. I feel an observing human is learning on a 24/7 series, even though you are not consciously aware of it. Then it becomes important to bring that to conscious awareness. Everything that one does is a lesson in the next level of human understanding. Even the most mundane task can be done with the mind being in active participation, then the experience becomes something else.

Moon Meditation and the Journey of Becoming Enlightened

I loved the moon most among all the stars and planets in the galaxy. For me moon will always be the friend who stayed with me even when He kept waxing and waning. There have been days when the moonless night had the stars competing to take over the place in my heart for the moon. On a new moon day, the night sky calls out to the spirit in a string of thoughts and emotions. On full moon days the night sky becomes the spirit’s call itself.

The spirit has been singing the ancient song for so long that the lyrics are almost memorized in the relics of my life. Sometimes in music of the world I would find the parallel of my natal chart music make a match almost perfectly that I hear my life being played out as a song. There are days when the music that I hear is from the node nerves of the celestial planets splashing magic into my life. I feel the eternal Spring at my doorstep with countless flowers and spring waters enlightening me.

Five Elements of Prakriti and the Evolving Celestial Being

Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), and Prithvi (Earth) the five elements of Prakriti when the Purusha deems to take form. There is a unique combination of these elements that causes the dis-ease of the body. The balance to be maintained at all time is through strong control without any brutal force. A peaceful and a non-violent balance are the highest factor of good meditative state.

So, when you tie up your meditation with the celestial bodies one of the five elements could have a stronger influence on it. Then, that element is reflected in the meditation that happens within the realms of mindfulness. To view yourself in the circle of human understanding might lead to a lot of confusion if the mind is not like the still water.

The combination of elements has a lot of influences in my daily meditation. Water and Wind elements have been my strongest influencer in my life. But I am also moved by Space and low-key ones are the Fire and Earth. I would often see in my mind’s eyes the vast stretch of water bodies with the Primal Sun missing and soft lights of the Celestial Moon reflecting while the breeze is of gentle kind. This state tends to last for long duration. For me, the wind instrument especially the flutes of the various kinds match the music of my natal chart. I hear the symphony of my life in this lifetime and the past lifetimes.

Essence of Life a Wonderous Illusion

To remain peaceful always takes a lot of inner effort and self-culturing. It is important to cultivate in the fertile fields of human mind the blossom of the lotus of peace. To be at peace not just with the world but with your inner self also takes great effort. You close your eyes and find the instant connect with the entire Prakriti is a task achievable with years of yogic practices.  

You can access the various level of spiritual education to advance in the field. The lifetimes of teaching if learned with a diligence of hardworking student of life, then I think the knowledge will open the mind. In the mind’s realms this becomes a great value added. Meditation is not just sitting down in Padma Asana or Lotus posture. I believe you can meditate at the drop of the hat. At any given point meditation can happen for you if mindful awareness is second nature to the seeker.

Seekers and their Aspirations

The seeker’s aspiration for spiritual experiences or the penultimate of becoming enlightened should practice everyday to perfect the human understanding beyond the limits of material levels. The understanding and lessons of life that brings forth the true character of the seeker to the forefront of character development. Many masters will appear with each progress the seeker makes. In the realms of the mind’s space lies the secrets of true peace that does not hold any duality.

Image Sources: Photo by Diego Madrigal from Pexels