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Sometimes, there are days when I want a bar of chocolate so badly that I curl up and cry over it like an abused kid. To me, reading is like that chocolate refused. It is not so much that you agree with the writer’s POV or space where the story starts to infilter into the consciousness. I believe eventually, every single book that you read, it will change you by the time you reach the final chapter.

Partly, the reason why my preference is towards a senseless romance with those kissing scenes and hot sex in the bed. Whenever the real story cuts open the old wounds of the soul and shows us the mirror of the reality, I prefer to hide behind Romance novels. I know that novel that wins a Pulitzer Prize or makes any serious import on subjects that I pretend not to care, I am going to avoid it like hell.

Human Life Matters, So, It Is Worth Saving

In all this difficult period of COVID-19, I have been reading a lot more lately. Of which most of it is low-grade romance novels. There are times when I am unconsciously drawn to classic literature and soul ripping ones. I relive Shakespeare for the mere fun of it to break the monotony of romance. My relationship with books is like the ill-fated Romeo and Juliet pair whose star-crossed love story ended in tragic flaws. These flaws I will be leaving behind in the written tomb that I am attempting to collect.

Everything ends but the sense of having been there and done that remains. I am old enough to live by myself with just books for the company and enjoying the colorful life from the world of literature. All those noises that I hear are the characters clamoring to get airing time in my head. It is almost a crucible that I carry on my shoulders as I blindly grapple to get a hold on the situation going down south.

A sense of noble cause and out goes my inner special force team to rescue my world that never required rescuing in the first place. All things happen cyclically, and we are always back to square one after each round. It is like the time counter resetting to Zero and you begin all over again only catch is that your soul is chipped away with each round. It is the same old death counter and false sympathies. That was how I felt when I read Metamorphosis Part 1.

Saving Grace Appears Amazing in Uniform

I am sure the operation would be another of those “Saving Private Ryan” variety showdown. There was intense frustration of being blocked and suffocated within the transformation which is never clear if it was because Gregor saw himself trapped as a Worm in his bedroom while he struggled with his perception of what is happening to him.

The interesting additional information is that Gregor wore the uniform before he became a salesman. As I read about this development while the plot progressed in slow vermin style, I knew it was the tip of the iceberg. This then turned my attention towards men in uniforms. Most of the alpha male traits that we believe make the gentleman of his promised words are serious realities for some. I knew my romance novels are going up on arms to defend the heroes who cherished their heroines using alpha male traits.

Part 1 of Metamorphosis My Understanding

Part 1 of Metamorphosis was mainly about his acceptance and others trying to empathize with him while the fear of him ran deeply in their minds. I found that interesting to pursue. Here is a breadwinner of the family feeling frustrated about his sole role be replaced with other plans for the family. His only point of reference for existence being the fact that he wanted to make sure that the family can go on without him.

When he relinquishes the role of the breadwinner it is almost that he is wasted away somehow. Now, when the Chief Clerk appears to confirm his sickness for taking the time off from his work, you find Gregor trying to make efforts to explain.

Life gently settles down to a routine almost killing the existence out of each human being. We, as in the readers, are seeing the whole episode of transformation from the POV of Gregor Samsa. It is really a huge drop from being a human to a pestilence waiting to be removed without any trace to bring back the order of the house to being vermin-free.

Is the Vermin like existence are part of the deal that we draw out in our lives? Our day jobs and social setup for professional progress are so like the vermin-existence. We crawl under and bring out the fact that we are dispensable and family that we know will go on without us and not miss us like the vermin in our house. Why did not Franc Kafka make Gregor into a Caterpillar and let him fly away through the window one fine day?

Was That A Butterfly Effect After All?

Multiple flutters happened within me when my very soul shook from the aftershock when I kept reading this book. Earth shattered into a new understanding within me. It was not so much that a most unusual event of a human transforming into vermin happen, but the fact that he is still aspiring to be an honest and dedicated breadwinner once he figures out how to move out of his current predicament. Slow down to acceptance of the situation and figuring the future under changed circumstances were beautiful points.

The nobility of the lead character was so beautifully drawn out by his thoughts around his family and his responsibility. You are almost saddened that Gregor is going to just give up while silently yearning for the family to accept him in his changed state. All that was familiar become unnatural for his senses because he is still learning about his changed body.

Still Reading…

I still have Part II and III before the novella ends. I am looking forward to the rest of it.

Finished it on 27th August 2020 Book Review click here

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