Finding My Ikigai | Experimenting with Self

Early this Morning today, I setup my Audible app on the Cell phone and used an Amazon credit to buy the Audio book titled ‘Ikigai’ – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life’ written by Héctor Garcia and Francesc Miralles.

Of course, it is a different thing that I already had two more Kindle books lined up on the same title by two different authors, Alan Daron and Alicia Mori.

So, today Morning I woke up at 5 am after my alarm rang at 4 am, I was tired and did not wake up at 4. But then, by 4:45 am I got out of bed due to habit.

I got ready to start the day with regular shot of Josh! Quick mercurial decision to skip Gita today. I listened in to the audible book on the topic Ikigai in my brand new Samsung M31.

In the silence of the early hours the audio book resonated. I switched off the fan to remove the only disturbance at those early hours. In this way the voice from the device could be clear.

As the reader’s voice explained the origin of the word and the regions of Japan where it is a live practice. For the people of Japan, ‘ikigai’ is a deep-seated belief in the community. This thought brought forward my perspective on ‘ikigai’ and I rushed to record it.

My Ikigai, if I wish to share, I believe it is, reading books at my own slow pace and journaling my impression about it. My impression is often totally unpredictable and quirky, yet, I want to share that with the people.

My aim is not to earn an income from it. But merely get more people to read. May be a diluted form of Book Reading Advocacy!

And I fear engagement with the post articles so I do not encourage conversation with me. If there is more than two comments, I get flustered about replying them without offending.

Since I am also frightened of people’s comment getting to me, so I made commenting impossible in website. I fear that I would misinterpret the feedback.

It is not understanding and getting emotional about the comment were two most difficult challenges for me. My sense of joy was all in the sharing and watching the blog grow with articles based on the books that I read.

So, my blogsite does not have a comment section and I am unapologetic about it, until I find a solution for it. So currently readers can just like, read, leave, follow, or ignore my blogsite.

I started the blogsite in 2015 June. Almost close to school year’s beginning date. I did not have any plan or clear purpose in my mind when I created it. I just want to have a online personal journal to reflect and to learn from.

The current version of the blog is more structured, sometimes loud, anonymously bold, scrambled shoutout of my thoughts, and staples of thinking processes along side my emotion which is often involved.

Ikigai Questions for Self-Reflection

Seeking ‘Ikigai’ means to explore question deep into the very source of our being. I tried to casually write down some thoughts which came up to me on a random bases.

The idea was not to question these randomness but to view it as self-induced brainstorming for true inner feelings of joy. Those thoughts were like the shower of life-giving water droplets. Only a true Chennai resident knows the value of a water droplet!

So here are the ‘Ikigai’ Questions which I intend to explore, of course! over a period!

Question: What do you Love Doing?

Answer: Reading Books, Writing About them, Writing poems, fairytales, Creative Writing, blogging

Question: What are you very good at?

Answer: Imagination, yakking nonstop, needing to voice my thoughts so the blog, brainstorming

Question: What do you think the world needs?

Answer: Motivational and Supportive voice that speaks of positivity during dire straits, bringing back hope when all seems bizarre and demotivating

Question: What can you get paid for?

Answer: For writing, a payment could be a book published too but I need to write the collection first to think of being published, but honestly, if it keeps flesh and bones together that is enough.

Further Questions to Explore

Question: What is the one thing you’d like to change the most in the world?

Answer: Change the current lack of Inspirational leadership in my circle people that I know. Or maybe my exposure in life is very limited, since I am a recluse personality.

Question: Currently, what is it that makes you incredibly happy and joyful in life

Answer: When I connect with like-minded people to discuss books or just to converse on topics related to tasks and how to do it. Or just happily type away my answer as a part of my scatterbrain project plans.

Question: What makes you wake up in the morning and go through your day?

Answer: There is a purpose in the self-assigned tasks, namely, reading Sanskrit text by reading up Gita unabridged original version,

Listen in to Audible app (‘Ikigai’ for next couple of days!).

Just a plan to read a book even if it is a SparkNotes round up.

Invoking the spirit of lighting the lamp, making plans to clean the kitchen with my help.

Sometimes, when I wake up by 4, the day seems magical and in the quiet, I am able to accomplish much more of my small tasks in writing.

Question: Can you think of any life-changing experiences, whether career or personal that gave you a great sense of clarity in life?

Answer: When I began a blogsite for pouring my thoughts on life and my interest, I was and still am not looking out for vast following, maybe a like here or there, or maybe even a follow from a genuinely interested person.

I want to do a niche writing that is personal and sometimes leaves my heart out in the open and unprotected. I am clueless about how to protect my inner circle of wellbeing. Maybe I am a naïve writer and thinker.

Right then, the above answers are what I am trying to really understand myself. Like, what is my passion which would make me want to get up every morning looking forward to the day!

And how can I be of use to the society? To give and not just receive thanklessly. I think there lies the core of my ‘Ikigai.’ But then, people change and so do I. But the core remains the same forever, I need to find and to figure my core self, so it is fortified.

Questions are from the Kindle Book “Ikigai” The Japanese Life Philosophy by Alan Daron.

Image Source: Personal Artwork