[Drama Review] Padiwaradda| Thai Drama Review

Drama Details

Original Title: ปดิวรัดา

Romanized Title: Pa Di Wa Ra Dda

English Title: Padiwaradda

Country: Thailand

Broadcast Network: Channel 3

Main Casts: James Jirayu Tangsrisuk as Saran; Ranee Campen as Rin Rapee

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Viewing of Drama: Available in Asiaflix App

Rating | 8.5 out of 10

My Review

Story in a Nutshell

This is story about a two people who come together due to forced circumstances in a duty-bound marriage and then discover their depth of love for each other. The male lead is a Deputy Police Officer with a mission to capture the villain of the story who goes by the name ‘White Tiger.’ The villain of the series practices black magic to control the outcome of any tricky situations. So, there is nice conflict on beliefs in which the good overcomes evil subplots.

There are three subplots, there is the Terrorist plot, Love plot between the main leads subjected to triangular affair, and the main leads Understanding plot when the heroine becomes a wealthy person.

How these are all blended is to be seen in the drama. Eventually do the main leads come together and solve their misunderstanding and find love and family while overcoming terror threats that is the story.

Actual Review

My Likes and Dislikes

The endearing thing about this play is that it was set in a time before cell phones. The hero cannot pick his cell and call his love. Because that scene never happens in this drama. Maybe a telephone call between other supporting casts.

I loved the fact that the chemistry between the main leads were subtle and well-played. Both did a great job of representing the characters as best as possible. I feel that dramas are many and role are divergent, the way an actor interprets it and presents it is the variation that is in the hands of the entire team.

A drama is never just one person’s effort, it is a huge team effort! Where costumes, props, and the entire packaging brings it together. I loved this drama for all the reasons costumes, props, and the packaging. Songs for the series was done well.

Lighting and other elements were well done. Director and Screenwriter did a great job, and I watched this drama first in Thai and then with English Subtitles. The first time the watch was just the visuals and the emotion brought out by the actions. The Asiaflix app helped me see the drama in its actual essence. The English subtitle was not great but then it was much better than just watching in Thai.

I loved the language so much that I would forget to keep track of the action and reactions. So, was happy to find the Asiaflix for more Thai dramas.  

My Opinion

I felt at places that story was a little slow and maybe this is due to my lack of language exposure. But then at the end of the 14th episode I was a lot happier and frustratedly searching for English subtitles. It was wonderful experience all together.

One thing that seemed out of place was the black magic element was fully explored. The hero’s attitude towards it was great and I am sure there is definite explanation for things going wrong. The attempt to underplay but still be a social call to believe in higher Divine rules, was wonderfully done.

This drama was my second Thai drama first one was Fated to Love You. This was a pleasure to watch and yeah there were a few places that was a bit too much with patriarchal attitude, but then, that makes Romance what it is!

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