The Drama and the Drama in Me| My Takeaway!

I am guilty of bingeing big time the drama shows that appeal to my aesthetics. The South Asian drama list is quiet interesting to watch. My first drama exposure was to KDramas, with a one-off Thai, Chinese during my initiation days back in 2010.

This lockdown and Pandemic really opened the sharing of dramas from various lands available online for viewing. This then opens the frontiers of human understanding completely. At this juncture of so many challenges there have been blessing a plenty.

Across the world I still feel that love, hatred, kindness, compassion, revenge, and ambiguous selection of choices are common factors for all. If we can understand that the different lingo speaking person is as much a human as we are then the connect is seamless.

Let get to where I come from, I am a Chennaite from down south in India, a Tamilian by birth, English speaking person by choice, experimental writer unpublished by aspiration. I come from a middle-class setup, so the value sets are anyway the given, and I am a lover of stories in any format such as written, oral, enacted, and theatre, play, you name it, I like it. If you have a story to tell me, then I am all ears!

As I a child, I was fascinated with language, theatre, and drama. The medium was a great way to learn a new language. So, I self-taught Hindi by observing silently for eight years and then ventured to speak. Even now my Hindi is not the best but (jugaad ho jathe hai!) it gets by!

I sound like Actress Hema Malini with a bad cold and drunk hick-up after I utter every word in a Hindi sentence. A splatter of Urdu also is understandable for me…but then not heavy ones. There are times when I am left clueless about what goes on in a conversation, but then, I happily fix the context as I go along.  

While you are learning a language the natural understanding of the culture happens for you. I would say that it is more of a side effect language craze. It is one of the best moments to understand another person and where they come from. I mean I like everyone in this world and dislike none. But then, I might deeply agree or disagree merely for the pleasure of being Mademoiselle de au contraire!

The last two days have been very painful physically for me. Everything seems red and angry for me. I keep breathing deeply in the hope the pain would subside. But the best way to distract from the pain to have some say a story so I found a new channel. Voilà! Asiaflix to the rescue.

I was like You Tube browsing for Thai drama list because I was bored with just seeing Chinese drama in Viki. I wanted a change of scenario and a different landscape of storytelling. I am intensely learning storytelling from various languages. English Subtitling is a serious business in the coming periods. Since it is going to open the communication world-wide.

There is a no right or wrong way of telling a story. It is just that narrator gripes the attention of the audience and sustain it till the very end that is well-told story for you. I feel like I am a bhikshuni (Pali) or Monkess who goes around with her begging bowl to collect stories of many generation from all over the world. Suddenly, I find myself understanding the fact that the world is much similar then different.

The fairy tales and happy endings are a given in the stories for young children. I believe that is not different anywhere in the world. All our children’s stories are filled with happy endings. We want to see our hero and heroine of story to live happily ever after. Happy endings always are looked forward to and sometimes a compulsory expectation for certain audience.

Since the Pandemic broke my life has not be any different but for going out of the house. The almost house arrest condition is a welcome change for me. I am an introvert and I love to stay at home, potter around and find my inner meaning. I never like a crowd more than one or two people (which includes me!). I can handle one person at a time.

I am super nervous in a crowded place and I pick off time shopping moments when I go to buy things and prefer libraries quiet and calm environments. So, being cut off from the shopping and getting veggies locally meant online shopping for it and I was like yes just for me.

Now the crowd that I really approve of is when they are behind the cell phone app. I love watching drama and being in the company of stories that old, new, and refurbished. Theatre is a great place to explore and drama in Indian national television was more aimed at theatre or stage plays. Of course, Zee Channel is reviving this medium for the television format. I am kind of enjoy watching them.

Then, came the various interpretation of the play and the lighting, production, costumes, and storyline were played upon for the various effect. Down south the drama took over the emotional part and they become more familial watch plays. They were still playing out theatre techniques. I was not actual Drama format that fit the packaging of the television.

Later, the other competitive channels took up interpretation of the plays and now drama on TV looks and packaged differently. I remember days of plays such as Hum log, Jaspal Batti’s show, comedy shows were my favorites, Yes Minister and Ji Mantriji! Fairy Tale Theatre by Shirley Duval, Giant Robo (Japanese show), Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot, detective plays.

With the advent of cable channels, the world of dramas from the US infiltered into the Indian household. I saw shows such as Remington Steele, Friends, Oprah Winfrey’s Talk Show. Oprah was my first exposure to talk shows then followed Ellen’s show and build on. The viewing time of the TV was rationed watch time since was busy study for my 12th board.

I may not agree with all that was been said in the talk shows of Oprah and Ellen, but it made my mind more open to converse. There began my exposure to search for inner value. I loved Oprah’s Spiritual series at the end of the show and looked forward to it. I think it was a nice closure to her show.

Because given those young and mature ladies having cried their eyes out on her show, I felt should now look at how to self-heal and move ahead in life. Life is a flow of event; bad and good things happen, but it is not be about being stagnated in one place. It is important to keep flowing like a river and reach the ocean. The goal of life is nothingness and complete understanding calm.

During my two years plus student life in US gave me the exposure to Drama from the South Asia. Because I refused to hangout and still followed mother’s curfew time to return home by 6 pm. Only exception to this rule was 1111 Literary course which ended late around 10 pm. My cousin who was very percept gave me a lift back home.

Sometimes, I am thankful for people in my life. I have a wonderful life given all the hardship of broken relations and all. There is a belief that everything happens for a reason and our aim should be to at peace within and without. These days when I wake up in the morning, I am elated to have another day to look forward to and enjoy another happy ending story.

About a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the Asiaflix app since I was in pursuit of a specific Thai drama Padiwaradda with actors playing the lead roles were Jirayu Tangsrisuk as Saran Siwaweth and Ranee Campen as Rin Rapeepan.

Now here was the situation, I had gone in search of Thai dramas when I found this show on YouTube channels by Channel 3 and the English subs were absent. But I loved the premises of the synopsis of the story that I continued to watch the drama. The language sound nice and there was such pleasure, but I could only fix so far in context.

Then, out of frustration and need to see this drama with an English Subtitling, I search all over the Play store apps for Thai Drama and finally found Asiaflix App which had this drama with English subtitles. I found my treasure in the Play Store hunt.

The rest of the week was spent in seeing this drama and things made sense for me and I was over the top joyful watching the drama show. It has a wonderful plot and a happy ending as usual. Love it. Will review it separately.

But then here is the deal that initially the app was slow upload and this show would keep rotating and it was painful to watch but then I was determined to see the show till the end come what may of slow network of mine.

My next language is Taiwanese…. or maybe for a change why not Australian or New Zealand Dramas. Hmm…. life could be interesting. 😊   

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