[Poem] ‘Baale’ An Anthem of Womanhood | An Emotional Response

I found a video on You Tube by accident and was captured in the cadence for the rest of the week. Eventually, today it burst forth as poem. Mind you I am writing a poem after a long time. This time I set it without any punctuation for a deliberate reason. Fluid and water force of woman is represented in the lack of punctuation. There is no visual stop on the flow of words.

Here is the URL to “Baale” – An Anthem of Womanhood

Womanhood and its splendor

I and the woman in me, we look on
Finding ephemeral connections
With Nature’s curves and turns

Deep within the soul’s core
When the being turns into
A magical spirit free to be

Woman and the search
Ends in eternal quest
Catching up to many changes.

She transforms right
In front of you, as a force
Yet she is a gentle mother

Always giving and growing
Insights that make her
Who she truly is!

Her Phoenix transformation
Sets the evening of life
Seem like a peaceful stretch

Life gathers around her
And gracefully falls at her feet
With relief of having reached

She is the last stop
Of every beings’ search
As she sports with Maya

So, is a woman for you,
A mystery that keeps
Change as a constant

  • Srividya Suryanarayanan | Srivatsam, Chennai – 5th December 2020

Image Source: You Tube |
Bodhi Silent Scape