Begin Again | A Chinese Drama | An Understanding

Suddenly, I had this deep-seated need to check out Thai Revenge dramas. So, arming myself with a list from the Mydramalist website I checked out the Asiaflix app for the titles. I found a few and watched them and was feeling a little unsettled. I felt somehow the whole emotions of revenge range were played at the extreme level.

Yet, all the dramas ended with the people who sought revenge were either wronged or had a change of hearts due to the goodness in the other. Having watched these dramas, I felt a need to explore the human element of seeking revenge.

After some time, I felt a need to see something away from the revenge genre. Quite by accident, I came across a series under the Chinese Drama titled Begin Again. For the first time, I felt a drama go beyond the agreed plot progress.

I enjoyed watching this drama and it was not heavy like the other costume Chinese dramas. This is among the few dramas that was pleasant and easy on the head. The dialogues were light and fluffy unlike the period dramas.

The plot was the best highlight. The way story develops was the best storylines I have watched so far. There were few jumps in the plots, but then, it was smoothened in the end. I bought into the plot and was a happy Jane! Watching the series was such fun.

I do not wish to give away any spoiler alerts. So, the plot in a nutshell was around a two couples who had different in their beliefs, their thoughts and of course, their profession too. I watched this series twice and would love to watch it again.

The series has a strong female lead against a strong-willed male lead. The dialogues were light and fluffy but at places childish. Though it set well with the drama’s theme. I believe the entire team did a great job of bringing out the best outcome for the drama.

The sensitive points were the emotion related to the main leads. The drama was shouldered by main and support leads. The fact that the unexpected villain was an interesting surprise. The female lead was on a mental checklist which compelled her throughout the plot.

The male lead was a sympathetic doctor who understood his partner’s needs yet would be a silent support for her even though she seemed to be able to handle the situation by herself. One of her mental checklist items gets into cross purpose with the male lead.

The disagreement that happens at that point made for an interesting paring of thoughts between the two. Eventually, the inevitable happens and there a few years of separation and they meetup again. Here when the leads meet again there is much happiness for me since the pair were really made for each other, despite the differences.

I think this feeling is completely brought out by the actors. That way the role of each characters was really cut out and chiseled to finesse. I felt the part played by the youngest actor was natural and effortless.

The child’s role played by Ha Ni was wonderful to watch. Given that he seems to be such a cute little guy patching the differences. I would say that the female leads as a single parent had a done a great job with her child.

This made me think of upbringing. The way children grown in an open-family environment. Sometimes the challenges of bringing up a well-rounded child who is an exemplary example for great manners and genius at everything are such a hard accomplishment.

That is when I stop myself and as a person who loves children without them having to confirm to anything. Sometimes, I am not unhappy that I could never have a child of my own the natural way, because my life has been filled with children almost since my teenage.

Watching my nieces and nephews as a doting aunt had given me such joy, that when I encountered children who were my students my love for them never diminished at all. It did not carry any rule of compulsion to give me anything in return. I simply enjoy the company of a child without any expectation.

There is still a little dislike to hear a child use bad words. That is the only disagreement that I would have with the child. Since all the children that I met so far never used a bad word. But I did have one experience and it took me a long time to accept it. I had to meditate to understand that child who was in my class of ten students.

I am best as a tutor who goes one-on-one. I prefer to give my entire attention to one child at a time. So, I never liked being a teacher in a school, but I felt that I needed to know if I could or not experientially. I can handle five primary class student and nothing beyond.

If the child were like Ha Ni’s character role in Begin Again, I think I would be overjoyed to spend my time with the child. Learning and teaching becomes exemplary state. When you are with a child you are as much learning from them as you are teaching them.

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