MoW Series: Work-from-Home | 2021 Update

At this juncture of vast experience, that I gathered from working at home in solitude, you may feel that I cannot understand or is nowhere near same space to a house packed with family members. But wait! I come from a joint family system and sometimes on wedding celebration the house feels so jam-packed with cousins, their parents, my parents, and our bossy grandparent who has a say in everything – I know crowd and messy work spots. You get to a point when you feel like you want them to magically vanish or at least grab Harry Potter’s cloak and disappear yourself. So, I know the jam-packed houses too.

Blurring Lines of Professional Virtual Team Meeting

I thought I knew all the answers to questions in my life. I made scores that are above pass in English, so, I must be able to answer questions of life in that said language, right?!! Wrong! You do not have a single answer which are even remotely correct in your life. The person who understands that, then you have conquered this first step leading to the hall of confusion. Mind you Confucius is not going to help you in this. So then, how do you deal with it?

Office Life Is Changing, So Is Interactions!

There are multiple number of people are involved. I remember before 2020, I had great trouble getting to work from home option. Even though one company was fine with it. I felt disjointed since there was no proper channel of feedback loop and moreover, I was in a job because I wanted to be occupied in my cerebral space among people.

There are a lot of other things for physically going to office and it was social interaction for few seconds and idea exchange then back to grinding work. The work that I did whatever it might be, was always related to writing, which kept me in a mentally busy state and overwrote my script of negativity. I went to work mainly for the tasks.

I am a weird person during meetings, and I am a super confusing person. So, generally my wise supervisors dictate directives for me instead of allowing me to talk or to explain. But I can imagine a perfect meeting where ideas are shot out and solutions were free flowing. (Dream on does not happen!) Given such a perfect meeting we are professionally dressed without a hair out of space.

2021 Virtual Meeting Scenario!

Pan the camera to 2021! What you see horrifies you! Guess what?! You are second guessing as you are trying to sound professional in your PJ’s and your youngest toddler walks into your study happily unaware that her dad is managing a team who are equally frustrated in the virtual meeting and in the middle of suggesting solutions to his team everyone hears ‘Daddy pick me up, now.” Or you might have a female version of “Mommy look at my Ouchy now!” comes with a sad baby look. Mom is floored. So, you know who is the boss in this situation? Right! 😊

Personal life bumper bumping into the car in front dragging along is a given situation in the world of fiber net official connectivity. Last time when I wrote MoW Series on Work-From-Home, I was too green to understand that someone like me who lived with non-intrusive elderly parents can work-from-home quiet easily. Well given my imagination, I kind of understand when we have little kiddos at home, and we must work a full-time job, the challenges could be quiet scary to handle.

Multiple People’s Involvement Required

The world is opening to a borderless, timeless, and spaceless work environment where everything become virtual. Even the water cooler moments have become virtual hangouts. The mankind and virtual connections get disjointed in the wide space in between of the office life. Unwinding becomes harder for people since the demarcation of workplace and personal space have collided. Where is the Work-Life-Zen? I believe you need to find out and figure it out too by trail and error method.

I close this piece not with my upper-class boorish attitude that I know all, but with a humility there are certain things that you do not have answers are yet. Today, when I helped my maid’s son with his English lessons, it was C Rajagopalachari’s “The Nose Jewel.” The first thing I told the child was I am not a teacher; I shall not teach you anything, but I will make you interested in exploring with curiosity. That I promised. He desired to be able to write sentences in English. “His own words” to put it in his expression.

Today we learnt about dissecting a statement into 8 different Parts of Speech. Then, I intend to explore with him Grammar the Idiot Style. The pressures of homework were lightened and that I am okay if his answers are completely wrong. All in baby steps…remembering my cousin…baby steps Chinni! So, here goes for all those Grammar lessons.

Whenever I was with the children, I have always felt so emotionally happy and calm that I am surprised that teaching could be so fulfilling. I do not want to pressurize the child with performance and gaining good marks. My student’s mother from the flat across me was so insistent on getting his score high. The boy came with rata maro attitude and I was so nervous. He came for all the lesson when he shifted to the next class math subject was like a dancing cobra in front of me. I told them go figure another option because I am not doing Math even if you send me to heaven after the lessons. Because I would have been dead by the end. Math kills all joy. But I want to find joy of discovering things in life while maintaining that curiosity for life and all things in this world. So, I feel work from anywhere is a slow understanding of life and its process.

Image Source: Personal Collection