Watched “Present Still Perfect” Thai Movie | Down My Memory Lane

Movie Title: Present Still Perfect

Written and Directed: Anusorn Soisa-Ngim

Main Leads: Anusorn Soisa-Ngim, Adisorn Tonawanik, Kritsana Maroukasonti

Let me start the review with the quote by the Director and writer of the movie:

“Life is never going to be perfect. So, please keep making mistakes as much as you can and learn from them.” ~ Anusorn Soisa-Ngim

I would say life is too short to expect it to be perfect. Though I feel striving for perfection is not such a bad idea. So, here is the most comical situation in my life. I have lost all memories of the details from my past. But the fact was I wanted to do that specific course back then at CCA. If the professor had not said the students had to make a movie and submit it, I honestly would not have run away from the course.

Because honestly, I paid for the coursebook in advance and a brand-new book (not a second wonder book) on amazon, and I was armed with it on the first day of my class. The topic was transgenders and the lifestyle surrounding LGBTQ communities. The stories surrounding them. I was fascinated from word go! The professor who took the class not only followed LGBTQ; but was a part-and-parcel of that specific lifestyle.

I was all happy until the professor categorically state that a film should be submitted at the end of the semester. I could hear the acoustic of my knees knocking and terror in my eyes was forced to not be displayed. I partly looked like the Widowed Princess from Mahabharata who kept her eyes open for fear of getting a blind son. I was ready to chew my nails, I wanted to use the restroom like now! I could hear the stomping of the army just for the mere mention of making a movie!

Seriously, I still do not have any clue how to take pictures. I always try to center the nose before taking pictures. If there is more than one nose, then I am done. I cannot be found dead with a camera in my hands. Little drastic, but then, I immediately switched to a more docile workshop at the end of the class.

To this date, I regret that I did not do that course. I feel disappointed, but then, I feel certain fears can never be overcome. I have come to accept some of my fear as a natural part of me. Learning to live with it, is just a way of life now.

So, then let’s get back to the movie. This movie was as always, an accidental watch. I wanted to watch something Thai, but I did not have the patience for long series. Something may be short within a couple of hours before I get to kill some me time.

This movie got a 9.0 average rating out of 10. I looked at the rating and smirked with I know all this rating business look on me! Wait my downfall is when the credits go up. But that is busting the surprise balloon. Let me tell you this, I come from the era where, if you need to show two people in love kissing then, you have two flowers cross-pollinating or touching. So, it took me a long time before I could see a kissing scene without squirming on my seats as if I have sneaked in on adults.

Not that it is a bad thing or something, it is just not allowed. My sex education was just reproduction mechanics, mechanism, and tools all animation programs. To make the whole process less traumatic we were shown a documentary movie on how chocolates were made from harvesting to processing in factories. The takeaways were embarrassedly collected three sets of sanitary napkin curtesy sanitary product Carefree.

During my Eleventh grade, I read Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf. I did not feel uncomfortable when the sex of the main character changed during the narration. It felt natural and I was ready to accept the change. At that point, my lone moment in the terrace while I debated over the author and the work, I wondered if two men or two women were to fall in love, then would it be wrong?

I am the most progressive person in my family, but I keep my opinions to myself and prefer to be left alone with my thoughts. But the danger happens when I am with a diary or an online journal. Oops! All those opinions are out in a full display.

The more I tell about myself, the more conservative bigotry is revealed. The first thing that I loved about this movie was the kissing scenes and eventual bed scene with the main leads. It was beautiful to watch cinematographically. This from someone who cannot focus if there are too many noses.

I might not be able to watch this movie with my parents, but I do not know if I can with my siblings and cousins. Since I watched it alone, I felt it was beautifully picturized. Seems like I saw the sequel first and going back to check on the first movie.

That way I feel the movie is a lot about what we teach our children these days. It should not be so hard to choose our life partners. I will never really know since as a young girl I always believed that I would marry once and forever like albatrosses. A partner for life. Until about 2000, then the equation of my life changed, and I had to decide whether to burden anyone.

When I made the decision, I did not know if I preferred a man over a woman. So, I feel like a hypocrite when I say one should have a choice in life and choose a life partner. It does not matter whether it is a woman or a man. Since I do not qualify to even speak on the topic.

So, this movie made me look at things differently. When you look at the main characters emoting their feelings there is a sense of genuineness and sincerity. I may not like sex or lovemaking in refiner terms… I am fine if others have it. Just leave me out of it! Someone like me watching this movie, I felt that it was done with great finesse and flare.

Because the whole movie was about the two guys getting together in the end. The bromance was done with finesse. No extra styling only plain good storytelling. As an audience, I was convinced about their love for each other and shed tears with their sorrow. Understanding at that level takes a lot of effort but the movie naturally got the viewers’ attention.

Let me check out the other movie and get back…Rewrite the title to something more agreeable instead of a Movie Review! Seriously…I will review it another time.