Thai Movie Review| Present Perfect & Present Still Perfect

Movie Details

Original Title: แค่นี้ก็ดีแล้ว;

Romanized Title: Khae Ni Ko Di Laeo

English Title: Present Perfect (2017)

Written and Directed: Anusorn Soisa-Ngim

Release Date: 9 March 2017 (Thailand)

Runtime: 106 Mins

Second Sequel Movie: Present Still Perfect (2020)

Release Date: 9 March 2020

Runtime: 114 Mins

Main Casts:

Kritsana Maroukasonti  Oat

Priyada Sittachai             Mhai

Anusorn Soisa-Ngim       Unnamed (archive footage)

Midori Tamate                Yumi

Adisorn Tonawanik        Toey

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My Rating | 9 out of 10

My Review

The story in a Nutshell

Present Perfect (2017): The main lead is heartbroken after a breakup and happens to travel to Japan for some Me Time! He encounters another Thai person, and he is trying to avoid anything Thai and is rather reluctant to give up on his despondency. I found him to be a human character in the movie.

How the main lead finds his partner and how things work out are some of the interesting events of this movie. Given the low budget, I feel the camera in the director’s hand has done wonders to capture the human essence of life.

The various characters played in this movie are refreshing to have an open mind. This movie was not about acceptance of the violence of discord. Yes, there are discords in the movie, but then, they have been handled with a refined approach to life.

The dialogue seems a little forced but then it went well with the Art movie frame. I am used to listening to noises and drips of rain in art movies. So, I found that music to my ears. The fact that the movie moved to a great level of finesse in capturing sounds.

Present Still Perfect (2020): The sequel explored the movie the development of the main lead of their relationship. Sometimes, the scene between the two was done with naturalness. Yet the subject has not gotten any popular vote, but then, the conversation on them should not be stopped.

Given the positive cast playing the roles in the skit of Heart’s true turning. I found the movie quite innovative. The sequel found the completion it had been searching in the seeking leads. That event was beautifully picturized.

Actual Review

My Likes and Dislikes

I am a person who even in her dislikes try to find what was the discord. Both the movies did not create discord in me. I felt so invested in the relationship. I loved Yumi and Kenta in both the movies. The fact that they were the perfect camouflage to the troubled mind of the lead lover.

I liked the scene when there is an uncomfortable conversation between Yumi and Toey. When Toey puts out feelers for his experience of having had sex the previous night while trying not to reveal it. But then, Yumi the kind soul was open to passive him and say if it were sex with a man or a woman, it would just be sex. So, she would not worry about it.

Kenta was supercool of them all. When he explained the difference in helping an old lady in the public transport in Thai and Japanese cultures even though both are Asian culture! I was floored. I wanted to hug Kenta. I was looking out for more of Kenta, but then there is not much of his role in the movie. I think the conversation lies right there. Kenta is the world voice now. That level of understanding culturally and emotionally is the beginning of a change.  

My Opinion

This is not my first movie on Gay relationships. I think I saw a movie acted by Robbin William “The Birdcage” along with my siblings and cousin. It was to be an adult education to Sex orientation before I began my MFA course at San Francisco. Since I am a veritable uncouth villager who is on a visit to the city. My family was a little too late since I was oriented in 1992 Summer. In my opinion, I feel that human emotions speak for a lot of different things.

Being able to hear it across the din of daily living needs an emotional strong psychological foundation. Open-mindedness is a state of being. It takes time to open up and to be who we are over the multiple voices critiquing the life processes is hard! Finding the true self within us takes a lot of effort on the initiator. If we find our true love in life, then holding on to it is most important. It is one of my balderdash statement for a lifetime, I think the prime is to love yourself above all critique.