101 on My Music Interest | Timeline Mere Ishtylema!

I have been listening to different beats, sound, and composition of various musical arrangement. I have explored all kinds of genre in music. I come from India where music composers over the years have exposed us to various instruments. The mix of classical and western, pop, hip-hop, rock, and getting back to the roots; you name it genre or we went ahead and created our own genre, I have heard all the sound at least once and enjoyed it too!

Entry of Songs Other Than Bollywood

My exposure to American singers happened during my early high school and later college days. Of course, Musical movies from Hollywood were great way to be exposed to songs that gave me great pleasure to sing along. So, musicals like ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘My Fairy Lady,’ ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and ‘King and I’ are a few that I recollect. Of course jazz sounds were seen in Tap dancing routine movies.

Of course, my exposure to Hip Hop happened later. During my high school days I was surrounded by the songs picked in the FM Radio from the request song messages closer to Lunch time. I would hear my mother rap to come eat my lunch (Lol). Rap songs were rare preference, if I am able to hear the words then I feel the rap routine really worked for me! This could possible be the reason some of the rapper should slow down so the words hit the target; ‘your audience heart!’

Of course, by my College days, I had a peculiar urge to listen to songs that had no connection with the movies. I enjoyed western version of Pop songs and Indian take on it. So, Indie Pop groups, Solo artist, and Jugaalbandi songs became a given. I am someone who wants my lyrics to be solid, however the singer might have sung it.

I was open to any type of songs, but the only exception being Heavy Metal. I cannot understand the song genre and I am sorry about it. As an audience, I feel that I am lacking in something, so why I am unable to understand them. Or that something in me keeps preventing my appreciation of this particular genre.

Curfew That I Do Not Break Even Today!

Mummyji was super strict and had set a curfew for me. She has made such a strong impression in me, that even today at 46, I do not break it. Partly that is the reason why after sun down I am nervous about being away from home.

She had instructed that I get back straight from college to home at 2 pm, if not she will hold off lunch. ‘Family should eat together’ – is a home rule that I personally approve. So, Appa and Amma would wait until I reached home from college.

I felt guilty, if I made them wait; so, I would rush home to make it on time for lunch, as far as possible. If I had taken a few extra minutes to chat with classmates, then I would rush home by walking. My college was just one road away. If I took the bus to pillar and then to the bus stop on the main street it would take about 45 mins. Walking home can be done in 20 minutes flat.

So, if I cross the main road and took the by-lane, I can reach my home in 20 minutes fast walking. I even look comical with my body pushed forward when I fast walk towards home. (lol) I am such a homing pigeon | 호밍 비둘기 Beyond early set time for me. I was also not allowed to go out of the house after sunset without a proper chaperone, which is usually my sister.

Since we were each other chaperone, of course I was in-charge being the eldest of the two. We were Tom and Jerry in many ways. Since Navrathri festival visit to neighbors happened after six pm when the lamps are lighted and sky is dark. We were exempted on festival days, but we had strict time that we needed to keep up. If not, she will give us the longest alaap, until both, my sister and I, are red eared.    

Curfew Follower But Rebelled in My Own Way

So, both my sister and I rebelled. Only that, my way to rebel was to listen in to music on a slightly high volume. Of course, I would occupy the living room’s sofa since the TV set was on that room. I would listen to MTV and Channel V songs and albums and VJs’ jaywalking the album intros.

Mother was happy that I was at home right under her eyesight and there were some days I was asked to lower the volume; but other than that, I could watch music or anything non-stop. No restriction on TV viewing but no going out but stay at home. That way I would play ‘Bad’ by MJ loudly! (eh eh!)

It was natural phase in my life. I should have been rebelling earlier, but it set in 1993. Guess what I was surprised that I had to do college after school, seriously, who made that kind of wrong choice in life. Who me?!! Yeah I went to college! Post Bachelors I knew life’s education does not stops, that too forever. Life is a better school than those expensive, testing, and tiring schools, colleges and institutes.

I put the least effort to get into college. I got my copy of the application for my bachelor’s course almost when the application distribution was going to be stopped.

I got four college application- of which one application I did not submit because the professor was our tenant, other two was for Fine Arts and Corporate Communication which was wrong choice because I did not have the score for it.

Both these were rejected. Finally Meenakshi college called me for a straight admission for English and Economic. Guess which one I choose?!! (Lol) English Literature Bingo! 🙂

College Life and Music in My Life

I joined in after August and really verbally argued with my father for the first time. I was sure about wanting the easy to learn subject English Literature. Zero effort and I can happily sleep on the last bench.

I would read up all my year’s books before the year begins and held my own views about the material chosen for the year. I like reading unabridged version. I almost swallowed up my uncle’s collection of British Classics and tried some of V S Naipaul for fun.

I read from trash to treasure with relative ease. These days my speed has slowed down due to my mental health condition. But heck, that I will give up reading.

I cover all sad, happy, ethereal, and fantasy genres like a desert traveler who had found an oasis. I had two likings; one is reading books from anywhere and two is listening to music from anywhere.

The short of it is, that I was a rebel at heart; but could not express it. So, listening to music that my mother did not approve was my way of going against the rule.

But then, my mummyji one upped me and told me, that she liked some of the songs the VJ’s played. I was so furious that even my rebel was not a rebelling at all. (LOL!)

My First Experience of K-Pop | Language Does Not Matter at All!

My exposure to Pop Music has been experimented and classified in the like department of my heart. So, K-Pop is no surprise, but then, when I first heard it. The Language just flowed into the music arrangement and songs were so soulful.

It all started with KDrama OSTs and the way it was picturized. KDramas really worked hard to get the right emotional response to a particular scene with the music and I am not alien to such a concept. Because in India we cannot make movie that does not have music in it.

Maybe the movies that are under the category of experimental ones, they would try for non-musicals format. But people from the Indian mainstream movies cannot afford to ignore music. It is part and parcel of the whole entertainment package.

I used to enjoy the background scores and main songs so much of the KDrama. That sometimes the songs were great enhancer of the plot.

K-Pop Was Known to Me Even Before It Became Globally Popular

I honestly do not know anything about K-Pop Industry until 2020. KDrama never equated in my head with K-Pop. Since my rule is if I do not know, then I go find about it. I did not know K-Pop Industry History as such and out of panic scrambled to find about it. So, I found this top search results.

K-Pop 101 Your Guide to K-Pop from Best of Korea

I got more desperate since it was not enough to make me understand the industry and its history…

A scramble to find out a YouTube Channel and I checked out | K-Pop 101 Video

Finally, BTS Story

My First K-Pop Proper – BTS or Bangtan Boys! | Song That I Loved the Most

I heard BTS song by accident. I was searching for some KDrama and landed on Dynamite songs and followed by Euphoria. I was caught hook, line, sinker; that is it!

No looking back after that, of course, I am a fangirl here! The only difference in my liking for this group, but I am sure if I listen around then I would be able to find more groups of K-Pop that I would enjoy.

One problem with me is that I have difficulties finding and identifying individual singers in the group. They all look alike. I am still working on it to recognize Korean people. Even KDrama I used to get confused, ‘now waitees who said what.’ (Confused!)

It is more my fault that I am trying to correct. These days I have come up with a solution, which was to memorize the groups faces and their full names. Now I utterly understand American having a hard time with my full name!

So, with the 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Sonyeondan | Bangtan Boys! I spent about 120 hours just memorizing the faces of the seven members. Suga and RM was easy because of their distinct look, but the rest was challenge.

I am sorry it is my lack of facial memory! They are all such pretty people and when they sing in Korean my heart is lost. If they made a softer melody, I would die of happiness and joy!