My Exposure and Takeaways from K-Pop Music

안녕하세요 | Annyeonghaseyo! Hearteu Korea!

Namaste from India! Shout out from the Chennai Girl or is it 첸나이 아줌마 (LOL!)

방탄소년단 | Bangtan Sonyeondan | Bangtan Boys!

I came to know about the ‘Bangtan Boys’ group from South Korea around January 2021. Maybe around the second week into the new year. I came across their album ‘Life Goes On’ as usual accidentally. Everything in my life happens either as a happy or a sad accidents. When it is hard, then all that I would do to keep my cheer up is by listening in to music of course!

Then in my playlist that was forming extempore based on YouTube AI. But before that Gaana music portal had some of BTS songs and collaborated works. When I heard them, I wanted to check their video. I heard and saw their ‘Dynamite’ song video, well I liked it a lot on the first exposure to the video. Then, there was ‘Euphoria’ which had some dramatic vocals, that I loved them.

That was it, I got curious. I wanted to know who these people are and what is K-Pop! Lots of questions in my mind. Once caught in the loop of my curiosity, then God save the Internet, I was on the YouTube channel searching like a Mad-Hatter. (Lol!)

Background music for this blog is Swades soundtrack Yun Hi Chala Chal. In a way, it is the message for all my readers too. Keep moving on in life, even if, the present is dark; there is still hope of light at the end of the tunnel of hardship.

It is late in the night and my headphones are not yet charged, so I must respect other’s need for sleep even though I am a night owl.

비디야 언니 (Vidya Unnie)’s Cousinly Affection for Bangtan Boys

Small Disclaimer and Apology: I do not know all the World etiquettes of how to speak in proper way since I often speak from my heart. I generally use the rule, if something hurts me, then I will not do that to anyone. I love peace in all forms. So, if by mistake, I had hurt any of my reader, please forgive me, I am the ignorant person here.

My Indian-English maybe a little hard language to understand since we Indian are different! “It’s Different” is a famous ad lib line from a ketchup ad in India, 90’s kids will know. I tend to write complicated sentences, since it is usually raw output from the heart and not my head. So, bear with me, please!

Grew Up in Carnatic Concert Format

I am person who watches music concert sitting down with proper decorum of listenership. I am too old to jump around but in the privacy of my room when listening to my kinda of songs, I am usually jumping up and down in excitement, even if my old limbs keep complaining! ‘Super decorum in social places’ mummyji’s rule in all social setting.

So, no laughing out loud, heads down when talking to elders, innumerable other rules that are compulsory at home and outside. Mummyji had her reasons which I understand now. I am usually lost in the communion with singing, lyrics, and scores, so, I tend to shut my eyes and listen to all music. And guess what?! Even the upbeat ones. (lol)

Usually, our traditional concert does not have heavy bodily movement. In the entire concert hall, people maintain the decorum of the format. Our Kutcheries have specific format or line of order for the type of Raga to be sung. Finish is done with ragas like Madhyamavathi.

The concert’s format has warm up songs, followed by Main Raga that the singer wish to explore in great details such as alaap, play with the seven notes of the raga pattern, the percussion get a chance to play with the raga. It is almost like a set rule for the concert structure.

Only thing that the audience can do is to clap hands at the end of the song sometimes the claps are reserved for the end of the concert. This is close to music performed by Western Classical music players.

I have gone to a jazz concert with my paternal cousin Jo once in New York. The lady who sang was spectacular. In the middle of one song group of men and women broke into a dance routine.

Listening to song standing is unthinkable in Classical Indian Concerts everyone is seated even on the stage. But then in west the concerts are done standing up which is replicated in Pop scene all over the world.

I have never stood in a concert before my US trip. After my two years there, listening mesmerized by street dancers and musicians, I understood music can over-ride all kinds of barrier and whisper gently in the listeners’ ears.   

Scared Cat for Live Shows, I Hide Behind Recorded Show

I know it is supercool to watch the live concert; but I am frightened of crowd and tend to panic in crowded mall, which means it not happening for me. But I do not mind watching from laptop not live ones, as I am frightened of live shows. Somehow my privacy feels being encroached, I like my peaceful lone corners. So, I would settle for recorded old shows and watch them with dedication as if it was live real-life show. That is me!

I am not a Live Concert person unless it the classical kind. Of course there are my personal quirks. For me, I want the song to go on loop which cannot happening in live format. So, in the comfort of my study-cum-bedroom, I settle down to hear songs in loop or otherwise.

Yes, I am a Fan Girl for any music from around the world. Seven notes are the same in any language. My eight years long hiatus from Social Media has made into recluse person. These days I have gone so bad, that I cannot chat with anyone other than my family members and handpicked few remarkably close friends.

Army and What They Mean to Me

I came to know about Army when the members mentioned them in one of their speeches. So, Google Mata Ki Jai, I find out about ARMY. They are huge!!! And passionately follow their idols.

I think with equal amount of passion, the Bangtan Boys also meet, greet, and treat their fan Army. I think the boys and the fan vibrate together.

I am a newbie to K-Pop, and I want to take my time to explore and learn more about their songs. I believe the path that leads to fandom is hard won and not an easy one. The excruciating training and making of KPop Members can be heart wrenching stories.

I am more curious to know K-Pop in the early days, how did it sound? If K-pop’s current step is so (as in BTS Songs) then the step behind how it would have been the surprise element. I want to check out the early 70’s 80’s, 90’s, 21st Century song scenes to understand the rise, dip, slide, fall, and flight of the K-Pop music industry.

Growth of K-Pop Is a Slow Progressed to Fame and Popularity

Comparatively seen, how was the sound of earlier K-Pop? Have they changed or are the same? Melodies cannot be replaced forever. Right lyrics, great score and exemplary singing you have the mark of a superhit chartbuster! From my understanding. The best songs are those that are often great collaboration in the group that get together to make a song and they become memorable hits.

Here in India fandom is a little different or it must be I am far away from heat of the fandom. I believe in looking at the work placed in front of me to enjoy and nothing more. So, I am no ones fan so far.

The Indian Boy Bands are a little different, there songs spoke more than their personal life. Or I am a crazed who respects the Idol’s personal space. Their private life is theirs, their songs are my joy.

I love watching jamin’ sessions especially with Shankar Mahadevan, (trio group) and other groups or solo artist. Of course, I never watch live show or attend them, I google for their recorded show to enjoy.

Most of the Boy Bands in India have a foundation in classical music or rather I pick people who have them. I do not know if I am biased.

I hope K-Pop gets popular in the near future and the groups get many more accolades in the future! 안녕 and 곧 봐요


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