Music and Its Influence in My Life

Music an Extension of Self-Expression and Materials of the Soul!

Music plays an important role in my life. The best way to treat pain, sorrow, loneliness, and despondency is some tea along with some soothing music. When life felt not worth it to go on, music has been a great way to open that dark thought of death grip to release the spirit to hope on! I have enjoyed music in the cradle to my now adult years.

There has not been a moment when I have not been without music. If I am not actually listening, then, I would have a song in my head that picked my fancy of the moment.  

Mom used to hang the transistor to my homemade cradle. Homemade cradles are made of mom’s warm old sarees with some ropes and a wooden bar to separate the two sides. This is to make sure the child is not squashed within the cradle.

My mother would hang the transistor on the side of the home cradle way above my head. Hindi songs used to be played from various song programs. Geetmala used to be a popular program around that time. In fact, the transistor was a prize won by my brother. He had solved a math puzzle for which he won the transistor. When he was in school studying amma would then share the transistor with me.

My brother did his homework flat on his belly with the radio on full blast. So, the trio Amma, Anna and I used to enjoy songs until Appa joined us, then it was National news. But Pappji also enjoyed Hindi songs from that period. The weekend date with amma to watch a movie was happening until I was an expectant child in my mother’s womb.

They waited until I was travelable age to visit movie theatres situated about 4 or 5 kms away from the staff quarters. I have no recollection of the movies except for the songs. I remember humming Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein not going beyond the words ‘Kabhi Kabhi,’ while happily mispronouncing.

I would be singing in the cradle when the song was played in the radio. If I am left alone with some of my wooden playthings, I would be humming Kabhi kabhi as I went up about cooking with the wooden pots and pans. I grew up in filmy melodies and as the music was changing with R D Burmanji and other composers as the years rolled on.

But I still feel-good lyrics are still the killer combo with new sounds! Back then, I was interested in Hindi and Tamil songs. Around my first grade we shifted to Chennai and music environment became surrounded by twin influences Tamil and Hindi movies.

Illaiyaraaja and Bharathiraj musical Nizhalgal. My all-time favorite songs from this movie. The song Ithu Oru Ponn Malai Pozhudu enacted by this Actor had killer lyrics and SPB sir had nailed it beautifully like a soul clincher. For me song was more about the lyrics more than composition, because if the words are worth it music arrangement does not matter. Even a basic scale can do wonders to the song!

Up to my eighth grade I was still following movie music and maybe Classical concerts held in the community hall of Ayodhya Mandapam. Somehow, I got exposure to US music albums when my brother had brought song albums, later my sister-in-law used to give me some. Usually, I heard them in afternoon playlist in the FM Radio, and among them was Heal the World and Black or White by Michael Jackson.

The list of artist playlist of English songs increased as the cable TV opened by the world of MTV and Channel V. American Billboard chartbuster songs became easy access for me. When the world of entertainment crossed borders. Of course, it equally meant that there is going to be cross culture exchanges happening.  

Musically, I would say that I am still evolving. I can listen to anything, enjoy a few more than others, but cannot for the life of me stand Heavy Metal. Sorry it is not something that I enjoy. I terribly terribly sorry for not appreciating it.

My latest interest is about a few years back has been the K-pop groups. I would just listen to the OST of KDrama but serious kind of searching for each member in the group started with BTS. I have just started with BTS and wish to explore.

But then, BTS was not my first exposure to K-pop. My first K-pop introduction was You’re Beautiful KDrama. I had fallen in love with Lovely Day by Park Shin Hye.

After that came Rain and slowly I started to enjoy listening in to all the soundtracks of KDramas even though I was not sure if they did like Indian lip-synching the background soundtrack.

I feel the music is soul material for me. There are days when things are not going the right way, but a good soundtrack can upturn the day to positive upbeat. I loved the entire OST of Full House.

About a few months back this year, I got to hear the BTS Dynamite, Euphoria, and Life Goes On. Or was it Life Goes On was the first…. 모르겠어요! The guys nailed the music perfectly. What types of experimentation goes in music is art form to learn up.

Three things remain the same universally, spectacular lyrics that hearable above the noises of life, score set to lilting happy spirits, and finally, A good mix of great set beat. You have with you a combo that is ready to kill. When you hear music the self should be slayed! That’s my kinda music you could say!

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