Dark Clouds Float Around | Is Monsoon Here, So Soon?!!

I cannot stop repeating that I’m a peace-loving person. I am unique in my love for the Summer season. I absolutely love high summers amidst people seeking relief from heat while I crave for the heat the most. Agni Nakshatram is one of my most favored time of the Indian climes.

Proud as a Peacock, even though I’m a Peahen

But I love ‘Katri Viyal’ or ‘Agni Nakshatram‘ or duration of 14 to 18 days of high summer charted in the Tamil Almanac. This time it has started on the 4th of May and ends on 29th May 2021. There are rituals to follow when the high summer section is ongoing. It includes rituals done during and after the ‘Agni Nakshatram’ gets over. But there are moments when I equally love the presence of rain in my weather ranges of hot, hottest, are you nuts hot!

In the past, when I listened in to the rain pitter patter on my windowpane while the cooker was whistling with the buildup pressure much like the parched ancient Tamizhu soil, I was in love with the clime all over again. I could not have asked for a better day. Somehow, it feels like even in this lonely life of mine there is much to enjoy, it is just a matter of having an eye for it!

Music for Rainy Day and Roles of the Radio

Back in 2017, I had got a new stereo system exchanging my old one with a brand-new Philips three-in-one player. The first channel that I got to hear was Fever 91.9 FM Chennai. I am a pukka Tamil girl; but I do enjoy a Hindi song almost everywhere. Somehow, I love slow songs in Tamil and sometimes it would be like, I am caught in the web of the lyrics.

My State has been rather strict about the entrance of Hindi in our daily life. But then, they had nothing to worry actually, because you can live amicably with all the languages. India is proof of it. So, the best way to spend a rainy day would be to play the old Hindi songs and watch the slash of the rain droplets on my window pane, while sporting a hot cup of milk tea spiced up with herbs with accompaniment of hot fitters.

The bliss is palpable in the essence of my being. Wow! It is every Indian’s dream! Simple joys of living and listening in to music can be found when you pair a rain song, dance and music with the actual physical rain. Summer rains are unpredictable but they bring out the most smiles that reaches the soul in me.

Works of Kavi Kalidas | My Inspirational Creator

One of my most ardent desires is to read the lyrical poem in Samskrutham (not in English translation, mind you!) titled “Meghaduta” by Poet Kalidas. His other work that I love is “Ritusamharam.” When I read the translation of both the poems, I was captivated and beyond repair. I found myself chained to these works of Kalidas. For the first time, I knew love in my mother-tongue. It is a different feeling all together.

Meghaduta – a short preview

The deep-seated despair to be away from your beloved is beautifully described while the scenic travelogue entries were breath-taking. The fascinating point happens to be the various regions, that the message burdened cloud takes to traverse to reach the Yaksha’s beloved to pass on the message.

Nana Joshi’s beautiful illustrations of the Lyrical poems are very endearing which touches the artistic spirit within me. They almost look like the images accompanying the original work of Ponniyin Selvan series written by Kalki published in the magazine Kalki. Illustration in those magazines during the hay-days of publication were remarkable and impressionable.

My grandmother was a dedicated reader of all Tamil magazines. Starting from Ananda Vikatan, to almost all publication and Kalki and Kalaimagal used to be a given in our household. As a kid, I used to flip through these magazines, I read Ananda Vikatan’s joke corner and kept ogling at Kalki’s illustration. Take it from a local, it was quiet an impression creator in a young mind!

But I read this book in English only in 2000 summer and the novel was translated by C V Karthik Narayanan and illustrated by A V Ilango. Even in translation, I found Kalki was a power-house performer.

Ritusamharam – a short preview

This piece speaks of the six recognized seasons in India in the ancient past. It is hard to find the six seasons of India these days post-pollution and climate change. The work is simply superb with description of flora and fauna around North Indian regions. The fact that it covered rare variety of flowers and bees buzzing around them. It was a visual treat to experience.

Finding Me in the Books | They are my Heart-Turners!

Life revolves around books and stories that turn my heart inside-out for me. There are so many wonderful works by Indian Writers and Poets that touch my inner being and I feel connected with them.

The surprise elements are that I can read from any language world over. I find if the writer, rather if he or she is available in English translation then nothing should stop my reading it. I think Indian Writers in Indian-English will open up the flavors of the nation for global audience.

Vivid Imagination of Itinerant Writers

I believe I loved the idea of a meghaduta or travelling messenger clouds that passes over the various landmarks of Kalidas’ sensitivity to deliver a love poem for the beloved. Somehow, the heat of summer is waiting for the fall of the monsoon with a gentle assurance that the summer stands to end while giving relief from heat to all living things.

I am a couch traveler who enjoys watching travelogue in History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and Epic and other channels. Any channel that my surfing index finger finds in Cable TV which provides me infotainment I am caught and fascinated to watch.

Ancient Worlds Become My Eternal Fascination

Sometimes, I am fascinated by the ancient world which brings with it an illusion of my ancestral past. That is partly the reason that I love period dramas from any country in the world.

I am an incurable romantic at heart, and I believe in the spirit of being in love eternally to one person. I often have the butterflies fluttering sensation when I am reading a book with a twist of romance in it. But, interestingly the physical experience of butterfly fluttering in the stomach can be scientifically explained.

But the poet in me doesn’t want to dissect the experience as mere medical reactions. So I would stick with the non-scientific experience than scientific explanation.

Stories from the Rainy Days and Heartfelt Wishes for All!

Every rainy day brought with it the wonderful feeling of being cared and loved. Even on those days when these dark clouds merely increased the heat and left my State without showers of relief with its joyful messages, I still enjoyed the presence of those dark clouds. This time our water scarcity would have found some solution in this year’s rainfall in the coming months. This thought is the eternal hope of the Tamizhu people who suffer from water shortage.  

There is a wonderful message for all the people that I love and wish that the clouds would pass it on. I don’t have a beloved tucked away in my life since my relationship with opposite sex has always been cautious. I am too much of a bookish person who finds her love in books than in real-life experience.

My love for languages can only be seconded by the love for storytelling. Human love has been more sterile and less of an actual passion for life. Books will always remain inseparable part of my life and my passion.  


Source: T-Series