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Juke Box of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! This movie is by Zoya Akhtar. Rough translation of the title would be “Life once lost cannot be regained!” It almost says as life passes on, your life moves on forward creating past, while moving towards the finish line or death. It is wonderful movie to watch, and I have a special corner for Farhan Akhtar. All his movies are always unique and a modern-day storytelling style of narrative. Though his movies always have rich people’s lifestyle and their life-stories with the emotional struggles as extra fitting.  

Once we reach the finish line of our lifetime then, reclaiming life is impossible. The afterlife or rebirth does not count since the memories of the soul are sealed from human experiences. If you believe you live just once then live it to the fullest, with no questions asked! Then, I would say that you need to experience it like the free flight of Dream Eagles of Heaven.

In this life of ours, there are many restrictions as to how we present ourselves, to live, to choose and eventually to follow social obligation. The latest in my YouTube funnel is BTS Military requirement fulfillment. An obligation every South Korean must adhere to as an allegiance to their nation.

The preparedness of being able to defend the nation if things go out of hands in emergency. I come from India, where we believed and proved that Non-Violence is possible and peaceful resistance is possible. I might sound silly in hoping for peaceful resistance, while I standby what I strongly believe in a non-violent way.

I am a Gandhian in my ways. I do not like argument of any kind and always rather agree that the other person is right and go reflect on their version of my reality. People who look at us have their own version of what is their view of our life.

But eventually, our heart holds the secret of our life’s choices. Somehow, duty towards the nation is a beautiful thought of heroism and loyalty. Even though, we are in an era where one nuke should do the trick and finish off the world.

We are watching each other in fear and in trepidation as to who will be the last person standing over the rubbles and to eventually gain what?!! I am not saying that our brothers and sisters who enroll in the army, air force, and navy in the world around are on a futile exercise to kill. They are not just a killing machine, but they are also for protecting with their heroism.

Serving the nation is a great feeling of pride. Yet after World War I & II, we need to look at how to work together and not against each other. I am an artist who likes to paint in words and in actual colors too. I can make a copy of an existing image. I lack the ability to draw real-life people so, I might be a fake artist.

But then, I do not mind copying designs and designs for coloring. So, my attitude towards BTS Obligatory Military service is that of an artist. I would not critic any nation here in my blog space. I am just looking at the topic of Military Services for Men in South Korea. I speak from the protection of my country which preached non-violence, freedom of speech and peace in a democratic setup.

Khabar Nahi Loop Song

I think the above song is the right song in loop. It makes for a wonderful way to explore the thoughts of compulsory military service. In India, we do not thrust a gun in the youth’s hands; but we do thrust a pen to be educated. This might not be the case in all over the Indian states, but for the most parts, yes, it is so!

We do believe in arming the mind which is an important part in our culture. Given that we had great libraries of Taxila as proof that India always thought high of enlightenment and expanding circle of global friendship.

Young men and women in our nation make a choice of joining the services on their own violation or familial gentle egging 😊. In South Korea, this routine of being in the service is on a compulsory bases for a stipulated time, leaves me feeling a little surprised.

In many ways, I like South Korean culture not because of those pretty looking ‘oppas’ of KDrama. But otherwise also, I feel their value system is close to what is practiced almost in all the same veined countries. Being cultured and well-mannered are traits that is universally appealing to people all around the world.

I am not against being disciplined and practicing almost to impossible limits. But we should dream of peace and to bring together people not to slay them on battle fields. These days battle fields are different types. We could compete in sports, hold an international event of what the nation can bring to the table of world culture.

Many things can be done to get even without bloodshed. I do understand the fear of being attacked and being prepared for the next global war or singular aim towards a specific nation. I understand the fear but this stems from the point of deficit or sense of insecurities.

As a nation the world over we need to come together as a single unit with diversity. I still feel a little sad that the BTS are creative artists who have touched many lives in their early days to the present day of wide range of popularity. Thrusting a gun in their hands instead of a microphone to sing is rather painful for my sensitivity.

The artist in me recognizes the pain. I sympathize with their emotional reactions and the hardship of having to pursue their dream amidst two years break from their dreams of making impactful music for a global audience.

Can there be a change in the policies? Can it be changed by global audience response and plea? I am not sure of that! But then, even this will pass. I think revised understanding is that South Korea have given the permission to take up their social obligation after 30 years once their commitments are done. RJ Sha explains BTS Journey and their hurdles that they faced before being recognized.

So, 방탄소년단 남동생 (BTS Young Brothers) keep creating your song lists, while at a difficult task ahead. Keep the spirit of creativity and aspiration always open. Even if there happens to be a few years of break, open with a bang when you return as a unit. 모든 최고의 동생 ! (All the Best! Young Brothers!)

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