BTS Butter Official MV in Hybe Labels

Guys, Butter song by BTS let roll joy and such fun! The video was wonderful to watch and sheer entertainer.  “Full Paisa Vasool!”

BTS had nailed it with their lyrics. Okay, I am partial since my recent love for anything Korean.    

Borahae BTS for the special gift of music and lyrics that went down smoothly, of course like Butter. I was caught on the first two lines.

Smooth like Butter

Like a Criminal Undercover

Butter Lyrics

The one that really took my heart out was the chorus or mini-chorus.

Sidestep, right, left to my beat

High like the moon, rock with me, baby

Butter Lyrics

I might be a hopeless reviewer; but I know what I love the most when my five senses find it then, I recognize it! So, this song and the choreography of the song was neat, and the guys rolled their fellow mates into center stage in time with the beat. I think it is J-Hope’s magic or the entire team effort.

All of them really enjoyed making the video even though I felt it was a little hard.

I would say, this time around they had not used any Korean words in their song, com’n it is their English Album. Felt sad but then, this song could be in a way speaking of Asian feeling in the best-known way, through English lyrics. The content within the song had some interesting Asian thoughts if you split the lyrics in creative ways. Love is quiet affordable to all if you search for it in the right places.

The feel-good factor of this song is the beat and the group’s vibe. I am slowly getting acquainted with their other albums, which is a rare find, but joyous discovery for me. Gaana kept showing Butterfly of BTS, so I went ahead and listened to it and was wow! Too good.

Later, in Hybe Labels’ YouTube channel, I found the song Butter MV. Of course, as usual looped played it. Until, even YouTube felt what’s happening to the listener. (lol)

Here is Hybe Labels’ YouTube URL :

Here are the words of Lyrics:

The fact that we should be open to music outside of India too! Since Bollywood and various different ‘*woods’ gives all the sounds for us, we rarely explore outside of our comfort zone. I would still want some Korean words in the songs by BTS. I am slightly different fan here. Why give up the USP factor of the song!

I feel that Asian feeling and their human factor of the emotion of Love are universal. I do not know if some alien is watching my blog. (just kidding!) The idea is you can pick any emotion that people around the world can relate to and to connect with them with great ease. You could touch innumerable heart that throbs to the beat of pure love.

Currently, I am listening to playlist of Chill and Soft BTS numbers, uncontrollable tears roll down. I cannot understand many words, but the few that I do understand seems to say a story of its own in my mental perception. That is the best part of a song.

Borahae BTS!

The group’s album is going to rock the world this time!

Source: Hybe Label | Genius Lyrics | BP.R Music