Prayers for the World to Heal | My Undergrad Hit Playlist

So, back to total lockdown for a week starting from Monday, which means, not even the essentials will be accessible except for doc and meds. Of course, major stocking up is happening for the coming week. Survived more than a year, as we watch with fear filled eyes when the virus is going to knock us off our feet.

To set this adversity or mini hurdle off, I checked out my old playlist. I think music can move the mood any which way.

I am going Backstreet Boys style of “I Want It That Way” for my onions and pargakai. (lol!) Honestly, I can laugh out loud in this situation when I am in discomfort with my regular ailment. It lightens the situation that is all! Quote keep the cheer on against odds unquote is my life’s philosophy. Backstreet Boys have been my first boybands I feel for deeply for their songs. Back then it was youth, so all my fire was spent on writing poems.

I also loved girl bands. Spice Girls’ Viva Forever! I must say the way into the being of a person in the musical preferences. Westlife and I also liked Irish boybands such as Boyzone ‘what you believe, is true!’ Quietly creeps into the mind’s understanding. My favorite were usually Choir group singers. Because they come from a structured musicality.

Bryan Adams another of my favorite. All these playlist is from my Undergrad years selection of singers and bands and some post college. I loved Bryan Adams’ ‘Please Forgive Me’ at the end of the song I was willing to forgive him, but for what? (lol!). West emotion of chivalry, romance, love, rage, and gamut of emotions are done quite different from the east.

But I always resonated with Boys II Men and this one with Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men – One Sweet Day is really beautifully done 

The Indian version of Boyband would be Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy music was exceptional in mainstream cinema. Breathless which is a replication of SPB sir’s nonstop song in Tamil movie Keladi Kanmani and the meaning of the song.

From the music culture that I come from; our playlist is set to a lot of calmness. The Trinity of Carnatic music have explored all the songs in classical format. 72 Melakartha ragas and other finer details of Indian music from the South is a huge ocean of details. I am not well-versed about actual theoretical and practical application of this format.

My sister and I quit music after basic classes. I feel when you quit learning, it is the saddest thing in life. This song is my all-time best that I loved it when MS Amma sang it, and I could never find her version anywhere until Keerthana posted this one.

I would rather wind up with the above song because it is calming in the lockdown and fear that is happening around me. My small world has not been rocked as much since God sent me a person to help me out in the form of my driver and my maid. You do not know how this community setup help each other while serving their employer. I am thankful for it while managing my panics and make it look like I am picnicking under the summer sun.

But let’s finish with a swag, Rekhaji’s song Kaise Paheli Yeh Zindagani

This playlist is just a tip of the iceberg!

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