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When I browse around in the You Tube Channels of the said social media, I tend to migrate to videos on motivation, music albums, comic clips, standup comedy, and more entertainment. Rarely do I venture into News channels. I still have preference to watch The Print occasionally for its cut the clutter series.

I think after the Covid-19 outbreak, there were a flood of news on the situation and blame gaming with heated arguments. As a journalist I tend to run away from mainstream news channels and would look out for a channel that is calm and factual.

I came across Sudha Murty aaji’s motivational video while browsing around on the channel for something inspiring. I would say that the best motivational speakers are those people with a great story to tell in simple words. Sometimes a story can nail an idea so exemplarily than long winding essays of lecture.

When I listened in to Aaji’s videos on YouTube I was fascinated beyond recovery. Our impression of people stems from the fact that the speaker spoke of something that you totally agreed with and believed in. The fact that I usually am taken in by great stories and empathetic speakers.

Her story about her student did not have a proper closure to his problem. The fact that it was left hanging because compassion was a lesson that cannot be taught by anyone but self-experienced.

Maybe when I like a story then I want the ending too. Some stories do not have endings by themselves. I felt it was left hanging. Or the video was edited for time requirement. I do not know the reason.

The best industry advice was to kill your babies in your write-ups, this is basic editing business skill, but then, edit where required because it could be the part of the whole. Here is the speech by Sudha Murty given for the Infosys foundation event:

Titled: I Love To Share My Experiences | Sudha Murty | Motivational Speech | Best of Sudha Murty

Well then, I felt the whole speech was done with compassion and a need to be empathetic towards social causes and the people involved in the causes. When she spoke of the old occupation of the women folk I felt that making or bring about change in the life of 10 people would off-set her status as a daughter was a little sad.

You do not need to prove yourself in order to be a daughter of your parents, never at all! If I were a parent, then my child kicking it arms and legs, living life on her/his terms, and being an empathetic person in the world would be a joy by itself. I would need nothing more from my child.

I would have understood, if the parent had said ‘you are the apple of my eyes whatever that you might do. You are my pride whom I wish to be happy in whatever path you choose in life. I have your back always and will be a silent support wherever I may be.’

Now this parenting is the supportive style parenting I keep envisioning in my mind. But then, the parent does not warn the child against doing what their heart craves to do with their career.

Sadly, you cannot protect your children from all the harms that the real-world dishes out to us humans. Part of the deal is to survive in a career, why not be happy while doing it.

I liked that sense of what the real world is like came out in the works that she was explain in the speech. Her experience with her atlas map drive with peanut seller and the shoelace seller boy were really interesting anecdotes from her experience.

I truly understand that giving out something for free was really not appreciated with the equal fervor with which it is intended as a share of knowledge. I taught my maid’s son English and whenever I handed out the exercise to do for homework, he did not take it seriously!

I was at my wits end to teach him anything beyond his textbooks. It would become endless reasons for not doing the homework and I began giving the writing exercises in his classes, that gave me an entirely different format of teaching.

It could partly be that I was a poor teacher who did not understand her student and his life’s hurdles with his learning. I felt the fault was more in me than him.

But Aaji explained how people disregard gifts of knowledge and use it rather disrespectfully, the hurt from the misuse must have hurt aaji a lot. But then, the spirit of taking things with positive spin was wonderful to observe in her.

I really love Sudha Aaji for so many of her thoughts which she share in this video. Her stories and her good cheer in the face of adversity and her genuine concern for the people in need. Some people are memorable and great screen presence that sparkles beyond the electronic devise screens.

All the life’s lesson that she handed out in simple terms are valuable advice for the betterment of one’s life. She truly closed it off with some wise inputs and it is true that the future generations are our progressive pride.  


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