About Me

Hi Folks!

My conservative family named me Srividya but more commonly recognized among family and friends circles as Vidya, I live in Chennai. Traveled a little but Couch traveled a lot!

Few things about me

  • Diehard Fan of Books and Literature
  • Books Spice Up My Life
  • Love Writing With Equal Passion
  • Equally Passionate about music
  • Finding My Ikigai

I even use mood music to write. Like now I am listening to a Loop Song for the right feel for this page.

A Little Something Academic

  • B A English Literature
  • Diploma in Journalism and Corporate Communication
  • Masters in Fine Arts (Writing)
  • Lifelong Student of Literature (Moving beyond British, American and Indian)
  • A Linguaphile (Current passion Samskrutham, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai… list is endless!)
  • Love Research

Really, that is the evolving me in a nutshell!

Abbreviation and Lovin’it

  1. MoW | Meditation on Words Series
  2. DTT    | December Tall-Tales Series
  3. LLT     |Life’s Like That Series
  4. CNF    | Creative Non-Fiction Series
  5. RLH    | Real-Life Heroes Series
  6. FFTT | Fancy-free Tall-Tales Series 
  7. … and more

(To be added based on creation)

My Blogging Experiences

Blogging Timeline

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