First Mystery Novel | A Twist of Mystery

Book Title: The Famous Five

Author: Enid Mary Blyton

Rating:  4.5 of 5 Stars

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A Bird’s Eye View

Author Bio:

Enid Blyton wrote children adventure novels in English. Her works are popular among young audience who are venturing into reading by themselves. Her works was great read among children who crave for adventure. The author writes with great sensitivity and knowledge of adventures for young children.

Story in a Nutshell:

Five on a Treasure Island was not my first book. My first book was actually, “Five Go to Demon’s Rocks.” Then, I tried to find the first book but the local library had only few 20 books of Famous and many same copies. So I read the story of Five Children who become sleuths in mildly dangerous situation. They solve mysteries which makes them the Famous Five. I had read somewhere about 22 books during the span of my 5-6th grades.

My Likes and Dislikes

The fact that I was pretty much comfortable with the adventure part of the story, I think the attractive factor was George in this series. She was so unique and the cousins kind of sat well in the scenario. I liked the fact that relationships were forged under the variant preferences between the children.

The Summer visit of the cousins and excitement to wait for them to get together was my favourite part. I used to find it interesting to figure out what could possibly be the reason behind the problem. Of course there are a lot of indicators about the possible culprit or criminal.

For a long time I was a Famous Five reader to the exclusion other mystery stories. My memory of this book is connected with the local library that I haunted. Back then there was no television and all the free time was spent on reading books.

I didn’t seriously have any preference or was not looking the storyline or plot. I was just reading because of the mystery. So I didn’t dislike anything about this series of adventures of young adults. Of course, back then I was just eleven years old like George and so could easily relate to her quiet easily.

My Opinion

I would suggest this book as a part of Early Reader venture books for children. The reason is that, the series has some really interesting conversations and adventures in the seaside island. As a beginning collection of book for reading this book would be great.

A Wondrous Carpet And a Woman’s Life

Book Title: The Blood of Flowers

Author: Anita Amerrizvani

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars|

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A Bird’s Eye View

Author Bio | Anita Amerrizvani is an Iranian-born-American writer. She was born in Tehran but raised in San Francisco. She got to choose a carpet for herself when she was fourteen years of age where the bug of writing this story got her under its spell. That magical quality of the carpet and weaves are been beautifully explained in her spellbinding work.

The Story in a Nutshell | The story is set in the 17th century in Persia where a young woman finds her ways in a trouble-filled life. She contends with all the various religion and social incrimination to reach her goal. She gets married not the way all girls of her acquaintance are getting married. Yet her spirits not to give up comes out beautifully. The story begins in a small village and shifts to the Isfahan where the hustle and bustle of life in the capital are beautifully portrayed in choicest words.

My Likes and Dislikes

The parts that I liked about the story was the weaving and carpet-making details. Especially when a carpet is being described the narrative takes on an interesting level of fascination that needs to be enjoyed.

The lifestyle back in the 17th century has come out with great details and the social setting also has been given equal importance. The lanes and households of a carpet-maker in Isfahan in those past centuries have been brought out beautifully.

Even the unpleasantness in the story has been handled with an excellent blend of panache and style. When the main character undergoes a lot of trouble in her life and you would think that the story is going to be a tragedy, a turn of event happens to better the situation.

There was very little that I disliked about this book. The memory of the Arabian Night kept coming in between my flow of thoughts. That makes this story unique and interesting.

The scenes set in the hammam have been treated like a reference point of woman folks varied conversation that is personal and emotional at the same time. The women in this story are being objectified by the society and her value is nothing more than the dowry that she brings into the family. The author doesn’t try to judge it by the main character. She merely agrees to it as the plot progresses through the various twists and turns.

There is an incredible force in the narration that allows you to see the social setting being challenged and given a new interpretation which is unique in keeping with where the character comes from. That docile village girl who gets cheated by a buyer of her carpet is a turning point by itself for the character’s growth. That section of the story is handled with great care and wonderful sensitivity.

My Opinion

I feel this book is great to read and can be read more than once. The author’s descriptive words bring the past to life and there is an interesting quality in the scenes that a set for readers. There is much that can be understood of a particular culture and how they function.

I read this book more than three times and it is my favorite book to pick when I have a lot of time on me with nothing organized to be done. There is such great feeling of connection with the past and getting that experience of pure fun of a well-told story.