Thanks a Million!❀😊

Sometimes, I spend all my thoughts about what to read next and what to write next, that I forget those little e-packets of encouragement that lands in my Comment sections.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my readers, well-wishers and fellow book-lovers for all your support. While we share a common passion for books, I am grateful to find comments from anon readers’ “to keep up the good work.”

Please do keep coming to my blog site to explore and read about my new book review and life-stories.

Happy Reading to All! And a Bunch of Thanks!

December Tall-Tales Series 2019

Today is the last day of November 2019. The month was sad and sedate at the same time. But on the last day I had one of the best ideas to figure out certain things about my blogsite adventures.

This December I am going to experiment with spinning tall tales around facts and maybe create a tales-spin ride of the facts and a more entertainment-centered blog posts.

The post will be tagged with DTTS for easy recognition of these entries. The rules of the series to write everyday 750 words for 31 days of the December month. On the first there will be a review post of the December 2019 Series outcome and takeaways of the exercise. I am looking forward to experience the thrill of tall tales creations and meeting my calendar posting events.

Happy Reading!!!

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