Music and It’s Timelessness

Music for me is a spatial, boundless, unrestraint, timeless expression of the self! It is so all giving and gloriously connects the people of this world to each other. I believe my music playlist is all encompassing one, even though, I tend to be inclined towards melodious songs lot more than other genres. Put it down to personal preference.

Music will always be my go to solution when things are all messed up in life. I grew up listening to Bollywood music early ‘80s and ‘90s.

Of late I like to hear O P Nayyar songs if I want to uplift spirit. R D Burman’s songs when I feel like I am ready to experiment with upbeat sound and new variations in music. Old and Latest songs playlist when the family gets together.

Each group and each moment in life relates to a specific type of music. For me, I enjoy all kinds of music from around the world. Some were easy on the nerves while others were acquired taste.

Slow numbers tend to get me in any language. There are days when I would be excited to listen to various forms of Rock music. Heavy Mental is still something that I do not experiment so much.

My knowledge of my childhood is borrowed from my mother. I used to enjoy listening in on her version of my childhood. Though I did have my own impressions but I did not have conversation in it, just images.

She spoke of my childhood days and mentioned that I loved to listen to music. I think it was her way of minding me. Switch on the music for company and for entertainment, while she finished up the chores at home.

Those night when the electricity outage resulted in the singing session with family. Sometimes Amma would join in; but Appa was more than happy to be the audience. So, when cousins get together for it becomes a musical competition event, popularly known as “Anthakarshari.”

The rules of the game are simple. Two teams are made. The first sings after the start verses in praise of the Lord. The songs are based on the first letter. In circular fashion the first team sings a song and stops at a particular word in the song. The next team must sing based on the last letter of the previously sung song of the first time. The parring goes between the two teams until the winner of the most sung song get selected at the end of the game.  

It gets comical, when there is a huge and heated argument over using various vowels or trapping groups on a specific alphabet that has the rarest songs to sing. This is usually seen in the wedding after parties or pre-parties. Since a marriage in North has a lot of rituals before and after marriage.

Down South Anthakarshi is not popular or rather not a part of the cultural vein. But we do have our set of singing session which usually light classical. Srivatsam Anthakashari was unique because we would jump languages and sing both in Hindi, Tamil, and English too sometimes. 😊

Later my brother moved to hostel from there to US after his studies. We, duo sisters tried to be louder than the buzz of mosquitoes, while providing free entertainment for the neighbor who were closest to our grilled balcony. My brother made fun that we were tone-deaf Mambalam Sisters. A few years later two singing sisters became actual Mambalam Sisters.

Songs that are set to traditional chord, then, I tend to love that kind of songs the most!

Maybe, I grew up listening constantly to the radio and to the top playlist on Television. Oliyum Oliyum and Chitrahaar are the two program that was never missed. Honestly, these days I do not think you have shows which are above board and can be watched with children who are in an impressionable age group.

In a song, the lyrics are equally important. I cannot listen to song, if the lyrics are not above board. So, the old ones get listened to more often than the new ones. But there are some new songs which are exceptional. Like the one I am hearing now! “Laal Ishq” from the movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.

At some point, there is a huge connect for me spiritually too when I listen in to Classical Songs! It does not matter what song I am listening to at the given moment.

Music is an exploration of the being and finding the connect that sets the spirit free!

Checkout some of my music interests…

Music That I Enjoy

Source: Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

Playlist: 00:04​ – Sar Jo Tera Chakraye – Pyaasa 04:14​ – Aye Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan – C.I.D. 08:09​ – Jaane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji – Mr. & Mrs. 55 11:39​ – Main Bambai Ka Babu – Naya Daur 14:33​ – Main Hoon Mr. Johnny – Mai Baap 19:25​ – Jungle Mein Mor Naacha – Madhumati 22:14​ – Arre Na Na Na Tauba Tauba – Aar Paar 26:33​ – Maine Kaha Tha Aana Sunday Ko – Ustadon Ke Ustad 31:17​ – Haseenon Sambhalo Apni Yeh Duniya – Khota Paisa 35:40​ – All Line Clear – Chori Chori 38:51​ – Dekho Jee Dekho Meethi Adaa Se – Mai Baap 41:57​ – Chahe Koi Khush Ho – Taxi Driver 44:58​ – Aeji Dil Par Hua Aisa Jaadu – Mr. & Mrs. 55 48:21​ – Dupatta Odhe Nikle Bahara – Dillagi 52:27​ – Mere Dil Ko Jiski Talaash Thi – Ustadon Ke Ustad 55:19​ – O Yaaron Ki Tamanna Hai – Kahin Din Kahin Raat 59:15​ – Haseeno Ki Aakhon Ka Tara Rahunga – Pyar Ka Sapna 1:02:24​ – Meri Jaan Apne Aashiq Ko – Mere Huzoor 1:05:56​ – He Re Raama Ram – Ek Hasina Do Diwane 1:10:03​ – Dariya Mein Jahaz Chale – Shaan